‘Model foreigner’ Villena’s outstanding performance, KB Insurance’s miraculous come-from-behind victory

KB Insurance, a men’s professional volleyball team, performed a miraculous double play.

KB Insurance first lost two sets in an away game against OK Financial Group in the 2022-2023 Dodram V League held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do on the 3rd, and won three sets, 3-2 (19-25 22-25 25-23 25 -16 16-14).

In fact, KB Insurance, which was eliminated from the spring volleyball competition, but did its best until the end, won a valuable victory and accumulated 39 points (13 wins, 19 losses).

On the other hand, OK Financial Group (43 points, 14 wins and 18 losses), who are busy on their way to advance to spring volleyball, fell into a pit of three consecutive losses and could not get out of the 5th place. As a result, OK Financial Group’s confrontation with 3rd place Woori Card on the 8th and 4th place KEPCO on the 12th seems to decide the fate of this season.

KB Insurance revived from the edge of a cliff… It was like this before 

OK Financial Group started with Leonardo Leyba Martinez (registered name Leo)’s serve ace in the middle of the first set, Song Myung-geun’s blocking, Shin Ho-jin’s continuous hit attack, and ran away with a 5-point lead. I took the set with ease.

In the 2nd set, Leo led the attack with 7 points including 2 sub-aces, and Song Myung-geun added to his performance to take the lead. KB Insurance pursued by 1 point, but newcomer Shin Ho-jin added to the score and won 2 sets, and victory was on the verge of victory.

KB Insurance, which helplessly surrendered two sets, started a counterattack from the third set. They were drawn 21-22, but the defeat was clear, but Andres Villena’s back attack and Hwang Taek-eui’s serve ace broke out one after another, turning it around at once.

KB Insurance, which made a set point with OK Financial Group Libero Yongchan Bu’s four-hit mistake, won the third set with Villena’s powerful open attack. 

OK Financial Group considered it to be taking a break, but KB Insurance’s counterattack continued. In the 4th set, Viyena continued to attack without hesitation, and when the opponent’s blocking was concentrated on Villena, Hwang Kyung-min and Jeong Dong-geun scored and overwhelmed OK Financial Group. 

KB Insurance and Viyena, if we had been together sooner 

The fateful 5th set was hot. A 14-14 deuce battle took place, and in a breathtaking match, Vijena succeeded in her back attack, and Korean Min burst into a serve ace, ending the 141-minute bloody battle. 

Viyena of KB Insurance became the number one contributor to the victory by scoring 42 points, the most among both teams. In particular, he scored a whopping 26 points with only the back attack, tying the record for the most back attack points in a single game set by Keita Noumori, a “full-time foreign player” last season. 

Last season, KB Insurance, which advanced to the first championship match and finished runner-up thanks to Keita’s brilliant performance, recruited Nicola Melanac as a new foreign player when Keita left for Europe this season.  스포츠토토

However, Melanac was kicked out due to her performance below expectations, and KB Insurance hurriedly brought back Vijena, who had once played for Korean Air. Viyena led KB Insurance by adapting quickly as a V-League ‘career’. 

He was the last among the 7 foreign players in the men’s team to join, but he ranks first in the attack success rate (55.58%) and back attack success rate (61.38%). Although KB Insurance has moved away from spring volleyball as it could not overcome the sluggishness of the entire team, other clubs are envious of Viyena’s performance. 

For KB Insurance, which was eliminated from spring volleyball despite having the best foreign player Viyena, the sluggish performance against Melanac at the beginning of the season is more regrettable. 

OK Financial Group’s ‘serv artisan’ Leo, who faced Villena, scored 114 points this season, setting a new record for most serves in a season, scoring 5 points with only the serve ace, but the team’s come-from-behind defeat faded the light.

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