MLB Tampa Bay’s amazing season… 7 consecutive wins by 4 or more points in every game

American professional baseball major league Tampa Bay called Oakland to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, and won 9-5 in a home game and won 7 consecutive wins after the start of the regular season.

Of the 30 major league teams, Tampa Bay is the only team that has not lost once this year.

According to ESPN, Tampa Bay is running the longest winning streak of any team in MLB history by winning by 4 or more points in every game.스포츠토토

Tampa Bay defeated Washington 6-2, 10-6, and 7-2 after finishing its opening three-game series against Detroit 4-0, 12-2, and 5-1.

Then, Auckland, which had a similar financial situation, was beaten by four points on the day.

If you look at the total annual salary of 30 big league clubs this year by Spottrak, a site specializing in salary statistics, Tampa Bay is 28th with $73.18 million, and Oakland is 30th with $56.9 million.

In Tampa Bay on this day, Arold Ramirez, Manuel Margot, Christian Betancourt, Wander Franco, and Isaac Paredis led the victory with five homers.

Tampa Bay became the 5th team in history to start the regular season with 7 wins and no losses since 2000.

During the seven-game winning streak, Tampa Bay hit 18 home runs.

7 consecutive wins in the big leagues are the first in 7 years since Baltimore in 2016, and the most consecutive wins since 1994, when the postseason wild card system was introduced in MLB, is Kansas City’s 9 consecutive wins in 2003.

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