ML Commissioner Admonishes “U.S. Top-Class Pitchers Come to WBC” Asking for Cooperation

 The United States, the ‘baseball nation’, lost to Japan in the final of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) and failed to lose for the second consecutive time. Mike Trout (LA Angels), Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers), Paul Goldschmidt, Nolan Arenado (above St. Louis), JT Realmuto, Trey Turner (above Philadelphia Phillies), etc. I was sorry for this. 

Adam Wainwright (St. Louis), Lance Lynn (Chicago White Sox), and Merrill Kelly (Arizona Diamondbacks) are the main starting pitchers, but their name value is inferior to that of hitters. Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer (New York Mets), Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees), Max Fried (Atlanta Braves), Dylan Seaz (White Sox), etc. There are many Cy Young Award candidates or candidates. The arrows of criticism from American fans are also directed at these pitchers. 

The WBC is a tournament organized by the US Major League Secretariat and the Players Association, and actively induces major league players to participate. Trout, who participated for the first time this time, was the most elite hitter, but the participation rate of top pitchers was low. Sensitive pitchers, who need more time to build up their bodies than fielders, feel burdened about participating in the WBC, where the pressure is as high as the postseason before the season. 토토사이트

Nevertheless, for the globalization of baseball, there are voices saying that even the best pitchers should step up. Rob Manfred (Major League Commissioner) also urged the best pitchers to participate in the next tournament. 

According to local reports such as ‘ESPN’ on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time), Commissioner Manfred (65) said, “We will hold the WBC 100% in 2026 as well before the final match between Japan and the United States. At that time, I want to see a pitching staff that is at the same level as the fielders.” 

He continued, “I hope major league clubs will also convince their pitchers to cooperate with the WBC more. This is not a lobby. I have a reason to come out. Pitching in important situations in the WBC is actually helpful for developing players,” he said, adding reasons for pitchers to participate. 

The WBC, which celebrated its 5th inning this time, hit the box office with thrilling matches every day and greatly increased its status as the ‘Baseball World Cup’. A total of 1,306,414 spectators in 47 games were hot enough to gather the largest number of spectators ever. 

Commissioner Manfred said, “The heat exceeded expectations. I don’t know if the WBC can rise to the level of the Football World Cup, but the World Series will always be the World Series. The WBC is a different kind of competition. We will continue the WBC for the growth and globalization of baseball.”

In addition, regarding the opinion that the timing of the tournament should be moved to the middle of the season or after the end, Commissioner Manfred said, “We talked about the timing so much that my head hurt. Mid- to late-season is when a lot of players are exhausted. Objectively, March is not perfect, but it is the most appropriate time.” The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are being considered as the next venues.

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