Maximizing the real sense of the game… Gangwon FC is preparing for this season

Gangwon FC is spurring preparations for the 2023 season at Gijang in Busan.

At the Busan Gijang World Cup Village, which I visited on the 10th, about 20 athletes were sweating. In the 1st battery training held in Thailand last month, if the physical part was strengthened, in the 2nd battery training in progress at the captain, the sense of the game is being raised through practice games. The day before, we played a practice match (4-1 win) against K-League 2 Gyeongnam FC.

Except for Lee Jeong-hyeop, who was lightly injured in a practice game, all the players who played an active role last season participated in the training. In particular, striker Dino, goalkeeper Lee Gwang-yeon, midfielder Han Jung-young, and wingback Kang Ji-hoon, who finished the season early last year with a major injury, also joined the team.

Dino and Lee Gwang-yeon completed all the training, and Han Young-young and Kang Ji-hoon, who joined the training for the first time that day, performed the rest of the training normally, except for the attack training, and announced that there were no abnormalities in their physical condition.

Gangwon, which only signed three players in the transfer market this season—Yoo In-soo, Alibayev, and Kim Woo-seok—is pinning their hopes on the performance of players who have returned from injury. It is not 100% condition yet because of the long hiatus, but it is expected that we will be able to see them play from the beginning of the season. 바카라사이트

On this day, the newly recruited physical coach Nelson Santos from Portugal stood out.

While directing physical training and passing training on this day, he kept repeating “Yes. Good!” and encouraged the players. He, who holds a UEFA European Football Federation (UEFA) qualification, is a coach brought in by coach Choi Yong-soo, and according to Gangwon FC officials, the satisfaction of the team is very high.

Goalkeeper training was in full swing at one of the goalposts, but a new face was also in progress. That is Choi Eun-seong, the goalkeeper coach. A member of the semifinals in 2002, he also joined Gangwon at the request of coach Choi Yong-soo. Since he was a legendary goalkeeper who played over 500 games in the K-League during his active career, he is expected to pass on a lot of experience.

On this day, Gangwon FC finished morning training for 1 hour and 30 minutes with shooting training. With the opening of the season approaching in two weeks, both the players and the coaching staff were serious. After attending the winter media camp after training, he said, “I don’t want to be ahead of the word,” and said, “I expect it to be a tough season, and I will pour out my energy to bring about better results.”

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