Manager Park Jin-man’s player like a sore finger, embarked on the 1st team camp 

 Samsung Lions outfielder Kim Sang-min (20) shrugged off his injury and was included in the first-team camp roster. 

Right-handed and left-handed outfielder Kim Sang-min, who joined Samsung last year after graduating from Busan High School, participated in 75 Futures games and recorded a batting average of .288 (47 hits in 163 at-bats), 16 RBIs, 32 runs and 3 steals.

He participated in the finishing camp in Okinawa, Japan in November last year, and returned home early because he was injured by colliding with a fence during defense training. 

When asked then coach Park Jin-man who stood out the most in the finishing camp, he said, “Outfielder Kim Sang-min worked really hard. I saw him when he was coach of the Futures, but I felt that he came with his mind while watching his mindset and behavior participating in the camp.”  안전놀이터

Director Park Jin-man continued, “I thought Kim Sang-min would definitely get better next year, but it’s too bad that he got hurt. He worked really hard and got hurt, so the regret is bigger. I thought he would be of many uses next year,” he regretted.

After recovering from his injury, Kim Sang-min participated in the first team camp in his debut and got a chance to show his true value. 

On the other hand, Kim Heon-gon, Kim Dong-yeop, and Lee Seong-gyu (outfielders), who were more disappointed than expected last year, will start this season at Futures Camp. 

Futures coach Kim Jae-gul said he would encourage them through conversation so that their motivation would not be dampened. 

He said, “Whether it’s the first team or the future team, training is the same. Of course, it can be seen that there is also a message from the first-team bench. Just because you start at Futures Camp doesn’t mean you’ll be on the Futures team all season.” 

Also, “I think it was a consideration to make up for the lacking parts of the Futures Camp. The 1st team camp has to go according to the schedule, but the futures camp can be a good opportunity to make up for what is lacking on its own. I hope you will never be heartbroken because all you have to do is prepare hard and go up to the first team. The starting point and the ending point are not the same.”

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