Lim Ho-won loses to wheelchair tennis gold medalist and fails to advance to the semifinals

The Paralympic gold medalist’s wall was high. 1 in domestic wheelchair tennis, Lim Ho-won (Sports Toto Korea, 17th in the world) failed to advance to the semifinals of the men’s singles at the 2023 Seoul Korea Open International Wheelchair Tennis Competition (hereafter Seoul Korea Open).

On the 13th, in the 2023 Seoul Korea Open Men’s Singles Quarterfinals held at the Olympic Park Tennis Court in Seoul, Lim Ho-won lost 0-2 (1-6 3-6) to Gordon Reed (UK, world No. 9). 

The serve mistake was painful. Lim Ho-won gave up the first set in vain, but in the second set, he kept his serve game and played on an equal footing with Gordon Reed. However, in his serve game, which started with a game score of 3-5, he committed a series of double faults and lost the game.카지노사이트

Gordon Reed is the gold medalist in men’s singles at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, having won the event five years ago in 2018. The gap between the two players widened slightly with Lim Ho-won 4 losses.

After the game, Lim Ho-won said, “I don’t think I played as well as I thought, but it’s unfortunate that there were a lot of mistakes at the end of the serve. I felt that the serve was a bit long from yesterday’s doubles match, but today, the part that was wound at the end wasn’t good.” I regretted it.

Gordon Reid said, “Im Ho-won is a good player. It was not easy because he is a young player and the match was held in Korea. There is no physical problem. I will prepare to play well tomorrow.”

Gordon Reed, who advanced to the semifinals, will face Joachim Gerrard (Belgium, world No. 4), the No. 1 seed in this tournament, on the 14th for the final. Gerard won 2-0 (6-1 6-2) over Kohei Suzuki (Japan, world No. 10). Reed and Gerrard advanced to the semifinals as partners in the men’s doubles.

In the opposite bracket, Ruben Spagaren (Netherlands, world number 6) and Arai Daisuke (Japan, world number 14) face each other.

In the quad (quad = quadriplegia) event, defending champion Robert Shaw (Canada, world No. 6) was eliminated. Instead, all four top seeded players advanced to the singles semifinals. Sam Schroeder (Netherlands, world No. 2), Donald Lampadi (South Africa, world No. 5), David Wagner (USA, world No. 3) and Heath Davidson (Australia, world No. 4) will face each other for the final. 

The 2023 Seoul Korea Open International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament is hosted by the International Tennis Federation, Seoul Sports Association for the Disabled, and the Korea Tennis Association for the Disabled, supervised by the Korea Disabled Sports Association and the Korea Disabled Tennis Association, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the National Sports Promotion Corporation, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. do. The total prize money is US$ 32,000 (approximately 40 million Korean won). 

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