Korean Air Jeong Han-yong’s cute provocation “Seung-seok hyung is old now…”

Correspondent Lee Dae-ho = Men’s volleyball Korean Air outside hitter Kwak Seung-seok (35) is the league’s leading karate player and ‘housekeeper’.

He has played as a libero in the past, and his receiving ability is the best among domestic outside hitters, and he actively participates in offense with his quick feet and jumping power.

When Kwak Seung-seok was recently taken off the line due to a calf muscle injury, outside hitter Jeong Han-yong (22), in his second year as a pro, filled the spot.

Jung Han-yong, who started for the first time this year through the Samsung Firefighting match on the 7th when Kwak Seung-seok left due to injury after playing as a substitute, played an active role with 18 points.

After scoring 18 points against Hyundai Capital on the 10th, he couldn’t laugh at the team’s losing streak. On the 14th, at the KB Insurance Match held at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon, he took the opportunity to interview Korean Air as Korean Air escaped its three-game losing streak.

Jung Han-yong said, “When I think of the team, if (Kwak) Seung-seok runs, I’m stable. But personally, I want to run quickly too,” and challenged the big senior, saying, “Because Seung-seok is older too…”

Even when Gwang-Woo Yoo (38), the oldest member of the team who came into the interview with me, pretends to be surprised, he is confident enough to say, “I have to take a seat later.”

Jeong Han-yong, who graduated from Hongik University and joined Korean Air as the 3rd overall player in the first round last season, is 194cm tall and has a strong offensive ability.

Filling the missing spot of Kwak Seung-seok, the core of the team’s power, he reveals his presence in offense rather than defense.

In the first set, he led the team to 5 consecutive points with a strong serve, and led Korean Air to a set score of 3-1 victory by raising 11 points with his offensive performance. 안전놀이터

Even Jeong Han-yong, who is armed with the spirit of a young player, knows that it will be difficult to follow senior Kwak Seung-seok’s defensive ability in a short time.

He laughed, saying, “Seung-seok hyung fell and I played the game, but I made it difficult for the team with a small mistake.”

Although he can’t catch the ball as reliably as Kwak Seung-seok, he can hit the opponent’s court harder than Kwak Seung-seok.

Jeong Han-yong said, “Since Seung-seok has come into the role of older brother, I can’t help but show his lacking side. But I want to make use of my own strengths.”

Jeong Han-yong, who only had offense in his head, recently appeared as a starter and said that he realized the importance of defense, saying, “Since I have a lot of desire to attack, I didn’t think about (receive). Now I think I should also think about receiving.”

Thanks to Jeong Han-yong’s enduring efforts, Kwak Seung-seok was able to shake off his injury and prepare for his comeback.

In the match on the 14th, he also briefly played as a substitute in the first set.

While Kwak Seung-seok was temporarily out due to injury, Korean Air fell into a three-game losing streak, but instead confirmed a useful offensive option called Jeong Han-yong.

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