KLPGA’s only one-on-one brink match… Who is this year’s queen?

It is not the total score. Unlike stroke play, where you have a chance to make up for a slump in one round, you have to play against the opponent one-on-one and play a brinkmanship every moment. The joys and sorrows are mixed according to the win or loss of each hole. Above all, a one-on-one match will determine who is stronger. Who will be the winner and who will be the loser. The losing side has to endure the regret of losing in a confrontation with someone. The most brutal and thrilling match is the 1v1 match play.

The Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Doosan Match Play Championship (total prize of 900 million won) will be held at Ladena Country Club (par 72) in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do for five days from the 17th. This event is the only match play event on the KLPGA tour. The side with the fewest strokes wins for each hole, and the winner is divided depending on who wins more in a total of 18 holes.

A maximum of 7 matches in 5 days, including three group matches, round of 16, round of 8, round of 4, and final, require strong physical strength and mental strength. No one has ever won this event twice in a row. It means that it is fierce and the power is leveled. At least, only Kim Ja-young has won twice in 2012 and 2017 with a gap of five years. In fact, the prediction of the winner does not mean much.메이저놀이터

Last year’s winner was Hong Jeong-min, who was in his second year at the time. Hong Jung-min caused a stir by defeating Park Min-ji in the round of 16 and defeated top players such as Song Ga-eun and Lim Hee-jung one after another. Hong Jung-min, who will compete as the defending champion this year, is determined to enjoy the honor of his first title defense.

Lee Ye-won, who lost to Hong Jeong-min in the final last year, seeks revenge. Her last season’s Rookie of the Year Yewon Lee earned her first win on the tour at the Lotte Rent-A-Car Women’s Open, her first domestic event of the season. Park Min-ji, who won the tournament two years ago and won the money prize for two consecutive years, is aiming for her first championship report this season.

The activities of young blood such as Kim Min-byeol, who is running in first place in the Rookie of the Year award, and Bang Shin-sil, who is producing a topic by showing off his tremendous strength, are also great points to watch.

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