Kim Sun-hyeong, who experienced 4 losses 10 years ago, what is the secret to a high 3-point shot success rate?

 “I prepared for several years to throw a shot when I was dribbling and slicing (the opponent’s defense).”

Seoul SK recorded a win rate of 39.8% (215 wins, 325 losses) in the regular league for 10 seasons from the 2002-2003 season to the 2011-2012 season. It rebounded from the 2012-2013 season. From the 2012-2013 season to this season, the regular league win rate was 59.2% (345 wins, 238 losses).

In the 2012-2013 season, which was a rebounding start, they advanced to the championship match, but SK lost 4 matches to Ulsan Mobis.

10 years have passed since then. SK has a championship match against Anyang KGC. Currently, they are ahead with 3 wins and 2 losses, so if they add one more win, they will become champions again following last season.

Kim Seon-hyung, whom we met ahead of afternoon training at the Anyang Gymnasium on the 4th, said, “Honestly, Mobis had better members than us. We 카지노사이트 did explosively in the regular season, but after Mobis switched to Benson (trade with LG Curtis Withers), it has been on the rise ever since. It was a difficult situation when I saw the difference in power,” he said. I didn’t have that kind of experience, and I didn’t know how to bring about the atmosphere of a first win. Through that championship match, I realized that fighting the atmosphere is really important in short-term matches. I was too young then. When I thought about it later, it became an experience,” recalling the first championship match.

Kim Seon-hyung is in his 4th championship match. Kim Seon-hyung’s opponent, Byun Jun-hyung, is standing in the championship match for three consecutive seasons, but evaluations are coming out that he is overwhelmed by Kim Seon-hyung from his experience.

When Kim Seon-hyung mentioned this, “Of course I played longer in the pro, and I spent more time watching number 1 (point guard). He considers it impossible to ignore. I think Byun Junhyung is also doing his part well. He admits what he has to admit,” he said. “He is a player who can play fast basketball in the color of KGC, has good speed, and has good athleticism, so he also shoots a step back (three-point shot). Seeing #1 for the first time, that comes from experience. Time (to gain experience) is something that cannot be helped because money cannot buy it. It’s something Junhyung can’t control.”

Kim Seon-hyung recorded 32.1% (63/196) of 3-point shooting success rate in the regular league this season. It’s different in the playoffs. It was significantly raised to 39.0% (16/41). If only the championship match is counted, it is higher at 45.0% (9/20).

When I said that the feeling of the 3-point shot was good, Kim Seon-hyung said, “I feel good, but I try to shoot a lot on purpose. I try to coordinate during the 6th and 4th rounds (playoffs), but I also try to (tune) in the championship match, but when I get a chance to shoot, I go into the game with the mindset to shoot confidently.” Slice the defense that you say. KGC also came out with a slice in the 5th game, and I thought it went well. I’ve been preparing for years to throw shots when I’m dribbling and slicing. So I was confident (game 5), but I didn’t go in because I lost my stamina in the second half, but I felt good.”

Kim Seon-hyung has scored in double digits in 19 consecutive games since the playoffs last season. This is the 6th highest record among domestic players (Kim Joo-seong and Seo Jang-hoon in 33 games, Kim Yeong-man in 26 games, Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung) in 22 games, and Kim Byung-cheol in 22 games).

Kim Sun-hyung, who failed to make any of his eight 3-pointers in the championship match 10 years ago, has completely changed. If Kim Seon-hyung shows off his 3-point shooting ability once again, he will help to become the champion with a record of 10+ points in 20 consecutive playoff games.

On the 5th at 6:00 pm, SK will have the 6th match against KGC Ginseng Corporation at the Anyang Gymnasium.

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