Kim Seo-hyun, while hesitating, runs fast… “Not at the high school level” Kim Jong-guk and Yang Hyeon-jong are all happy

The start of the camps of the two prospects, who were considered the best pitchers in the 2023 rookie draft, are slightly different. This is because Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha), who received the first nomination, hesitated for a while due to the private SNS controversy, while Yoon Young-cheol (19), a left-hander from Chungam High School wearing a KIA uniform in second place, continues to run fast.

The KIA’s Arizona camp roster drew a lot of attention as the only rookie player named Yoon Young-cheol was named, with the number of participants slightly reduced compared to previous years. It means that he has high expectations from the team. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk is also watching Yoon Young-chul’s pitching with interest, saying, “We are competing for the 5th selection.”

It is a common thing to attach the ‘competition’ modifier to the biggest rookie, but KIA officials say that they are more excited to see him throw a ball at the Arizona camp. Manager Kim said, “I think I have a very good sense of baseball. I got the impression that I am a type of player who knows a lot about baseball and is good at it.” It’s very high for a class. It’s a style that can work in pros,” he said confidently.

Yang Hyeon-jong, a senior and team ace, also said after watching Yoon Young-chul’s pitching, “I don’t know yet, but I’m really working hard at camp. At the end of the camp, I’m trying to tell you as much as I can while watching him throw.” He is a player to lead. I am looking forward to it a lot and I hope he doesn’t get sick.” 토토사이트

In the first camp in the pro, you can’t find motivation by washing your eyes. No matter how comfortable the seniors treat him, the burden of being the youngest can weigh on Yun Young-cheol’s shoulders. Fortunately, however, he is adapting well to the atmosphere of the KIA team. Yoon Young-cheol did not forget to thank all the seniors of the squad, saying, “I was a bit worried because I am a rookie and all the people in the camp are seniors, but the seniors take better care of me. They let me know a lot, so I am very comfortable and having fun.”

He’s competing for the 5th start, but Yoon Young-cheol isn’t in a hurry. It is not yet the time to deal with batters, and first of all, I am determined to prepare a good body and prepare food to last for a year. There are worries, but there is a unique confidence, and even a slightly optimistic tone that says that if you do your best and work hard, it will work out. Certainly not just a rookie.

Yoon Young-chul said, “The exercise system is different and more systematic than in high school. I think the most important thing is not to get hurt, and rather than greedy for something, I’m trying to slowly match the pace until the opening.” I think there will be good results if I do it. I really want to be in the opening entry, and once I do, I want to show a lot of good things in the first team for a long time without getting hurt while playing in the game.”

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