“Kim Min-jae is the impression itself… he does better than Koulibaly” Il Legend acknowledged

Reporter Kwak Him-chan = Italian ‘legend’ Alessandro Costacurta recognized Min-jae Kim and rated him higher than Kalidou Koulibaly (Chelsea).

Italian media ‘Il Martino’ released an interview with Costacurta on the 20th (Korean time). Costacurta acknowledged Kim Min-jae’s performance and was confident that Napoli could win the UEFA Champions League. 안전놀이터

Napoli this season are one of the strongest teams in Europe. Multinational players such as Victor Osimen, Hvitza Kvarachhelia, Stanislav Lobotka, and Kim Min-jae are leading Napoli’s first place in the league with solid organization.

In particular, Kim Min-jae was close to unknown even when he entered the Serie A stage. He also had concerns about whether he would be able to fill even half of the vacancy of Koulibaly. However, Kim Min-jae proved it with his skills. Costacurta also underestimated Kim Min-jae at first.

“I didn’t think any defender in the world could fill Koulibaly’s void. But Kim Min-jae is impressive. Now he plays better than Koulibaly. He has provided the team with the solidity it needs. It is a real discovery for Napoli,” said Costacurta. did.

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