Kim Hee-jin, who endured the pain and showed fighting spirit, finally had surgery… 1 year of rehabilitation treatment

Kim Hee-jin (32, IBK Industrial Bank), a key player in the national team, eventually got on the operating table. 

On the 27th, Kim Hee-jin’s team, Industrial Bank of Korea, said, “Kim Hee-jin underwent knee surgery.” Kim Hee-jin has not been able to display 100% of her skills since the beginning of this season due to knee pain. He continued to exercise under the management of the club, such as strengthening strength and rehabilitation, and participated in 28 games this season, but did not come up with performances worthy of his name.  스포츠토토

Kim Hee-jin endured the pain and stood on the court. However, in order to aggravate his injury and prepare for the next season, he eventually decided to undergo surgery. He underwent surgery on the meniscus in his right knee on the 27th. His rehabilitation period is about 1 year.

An official from the club said, “We will support Kim Hee-jin as soon as possible for his quick return. He asks for a lot of encouragement and support from the fans so that the player can return in good health.”  

IBK plans to fill the gap left by Kim Hee-jin by putting in various players for the rest of the season. 

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