KIA and Gwangju FC lost in a losing streak… Recruitment of AI Peppers ‘Yasmin’

Last week at this time, I said that I was worried about the players’ performance deterioration due to frequent cancellations of KIA Tigers matches due to rain.

This has become a reality.

And Gwangju FC, which caused a sensation at the beginning of the season, also fell into a losing streak by revealing a lack of scoring power.

This week’s sports news will be with reporter Kim Yeo-ul of the Gwangju Ilbo.


The start was good.

You won against SSG pitcher Kwang-Hyun Kim, who is 스포츠토토 considered the best left-hander in Korea, but after that, you lost 5 straight times?


Yes, it is.

I missed 4 games due to rain, but the start was not bad.

I brought a 3-0 victory against Kim Gwang-hyun.

There were situations where they could win the next two matches.

SSG exposed gaps in a series of mistakes, but while failing to capture, a losing series and an away game against Doosan were held on the weekend.

In three games, he recorded a sweep loss with a water bat and being pushed back in a defensive fight.

In particular, Choi Hyeong-woo’s tying score came out yesterday, but he also gave up points in defense and fell into a 5-game losing streak.

The two games on the weekend were sold out and so many fans were looking for it, but I had to watch the game and turn back to the stadium.


I think the fans were very disappointed.

In the midst of this, KIA pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong achieved a record of tying for second place in the KBO’s career.


There was a big match with Kim Gwang-hyun.

In this game, he won 8 scoreless innings while striking out 10 strikeouts.

With the help of Byun Woo-hyuk’s preemptive two-run beasts, he succeeded in winning 161 games.

Hanwha legend Jung Min-cheol’s team tied for second place in most wins.

And in yesterday’s game, I came out as a starter and challenged for second place alone with 162 wins.

He gave up 10 hits in 5.1 innings.

Also, not getting help from the defense, the 162 wins were put off until next time.


Anyway, this week, we have to seize a chance to rebound. Shall we look at the game schedule this week and which players’ performance will be important?


Yes, following the trip to Jamsil, we will go to Daegu and play an away game against Samsung.

On the weekend, a confrontation with Kiwoom is expected after returning to the living room.

It’s the 7th KIA now.

Samsung is in 6th place, 6th with no points and no rides.

Kiwoom is chasing the semi-train KIA right behind.

The main character of the first sweep win this season was Samsung.

On the contrary, it is a confrontation with Kiwoom, the opponent who recorded a sweep loss, but Lee Eui-ri and Kim Sun-bin are focusing their attention.

Lee Eui-ri’s sluggishness in the beginning is getting longer as he couldn’t digest 5 innings in 3 consecutive games until his last appearance.

In the case of Kim Seon-bin, he recorded 7 hits last week, but his performance at important moments is disappointing.

He’s batting 2.14 in scoring position this season.

Also, in the aftermath of the ankle injury in the opening game, he is showing a disappointing performance in base running and defense, so these two reversals seem to be needed.

Above all, the role of the bench is important.

It seems like something needs to change.

Again, it seems that a strategy is needed along with flexible and bold player selection.


Let’s look at football news.

Gwangju FC also seems to have turned on the red light these days, but they are unable to win 6 games in a row due to the lack of scoring power.


Last week, we had an away game against Seoul and a home game against Daegu, and we lost 1-3 against Seoul.

Illian, Sangho Na, and Dongjin Park. It was recorded as a defeat after being hit by players who made their K-League debut in Gwangju.

In the match against Daegu, they had 70% of the possession, but were attacked in a counterattack and are on a 0-1 loss and a 6-game draw in a row.

The style and aggressiveness of Gwangju is quite good, but the goal scoring ability leaves a gap, and now only 2 goals in 6 games have not been broken.

The same pattern of failure as directed by Lee Jung-hyo keeps repeating, and I said that it was my fault and that I would find a way.

Director Lee Jung-hyo’s method can be found in the next game against Incheon.

On the 22nd at 4:30 pm, a match against Incheon, Gwangju has now fallen to 9th place.

Incheon is chasing Gwangju by one point.

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Let’s look into women’s professional volleyball news.

AI Peppers pick Yasmin as their new foreign player?


7 Korean Volleyball Federation Women’s Teams drafted foreign players in Turkey and Istanbul.

Earlier, due to the COVID-19 situation, players were selected non-face-to-face.

This time, I had time to check the skills while watching the players in person.

AI Peppers, who had the second pick, chose Yasmin Bedart.

In the 21st and 22nd seasons, he appeared in 30 games and scored 674 points, playing a role as a solver for Hyundai E&C, but in the previous season, he only played 13 games due to a back injury.

However, AI Peppers called Yasmin’s name, expecting the attack power of a healthy Yasmin.


Let’s listen to today’s words and hope that next week we will be able to prepare and deliver news that will make our fans feel better.

Sports 7 I was with reporter Kim Yeo-ul today.

Thank you.

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