KGC retakes 4th place, KEPCO jumps to 4th place

KGC defeated GS Caltex 3-1 (25-17 26-24 19-25 25-22) in the professional volleyball V-League Women’s Expedition held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 12th. KGC (41 points, 13 wins, 15 losses), which added 3 points, rose to 4th place, beating GS Caltex (39 points, 13 wins, 15 losses). Recently, the two teams were tossing and turning for the 4th place, but with the victory on this day, KGC took another step forward. The gap with the 3rd place Korea Expressway Corporation (44 points, 15 wins and 12 losses) was also reduced to 3 points.

KGC, which was a step ahead in height, built up points one by one with a blocking score (16-5). KGC, who overcame the 1st set starter, took a 5-0 lead as soon as they entered the 2nd set with 3 opponent rooms, Elisabeth Ine Barga (registered name Elisabeth) back attack and sub ace.

GS Caltex overturned the game and took a 23-20 lead at one point, but KGC made a 24-24 deuce with Elisabeth (2 points) and Jeong Ho-young (2 points), and ended the set with middle blocker Jung Ho-young’s quick attack and blocking. 스포츠토토

KGC, who gave the 3rd set to Kwon Min-ji’s (8 points) ‘surprising’ performance, took a 17-14 lead in the 4th set, but was reversed 19-20, but in a 21-21 tie situation, Park Eun-jin and Han Song-i’s 3 blocking points matched. After making a point, Kang So-hui’s attack from GS Caltex went off the court and sang a victory song. In KGC, Elisabeth scored 29 points, the most of the two teams, followed by Jeong Ho-young (17 points) and Lee So-young (12 points).

In the men’s Suwon match, KEPCO won a thrilling 3-2 (24-26 21-25 25-21 25-22 15-8) victory over Woori Card and accumulated 41 points (13-15), one step up from the previous 5th place. Jumped. Woori Card, which fell into a swamp of 5 consecutive losses, gave a tie in the number of wins, but managed to secure 3rd place ahead of the number of wins.

KEPCO gave the 1st and 2nd sets to the strong serve of Woori Card, but it changed from the 3rd set. After Thais and Lim Seong-jin took the lead and laid the foundation for a reversal, the 4th set of Woori Card’s successive mistakes were not missed. In the last set, Shin Young-seok and Lim Seong-jin’s consecutive blocking and Thais’ sub ace swept all 3 points one after another. The Thais led the game with 32 points, the most for both teams.

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