‘Joining advisor’ Kim Yeon-kyung “Your time as a player was good”

The women’s volleyball team is being reborn.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who announced her retirement from the national team, joined as an advisor to the national team, giving strength to her juniors.

This is Reporter Song Ki-seong.

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The women’s volleyball national team left a large number of veterans after the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics.

After that, the results were disastrous.

16 consecutive losses without points in international competitions.

But anticipation has grown ahead of the new season.

It is because of Kim Yeon-kyung, who returned as an ‘advisor’.

[Kim Yeon-Kyung/Adviser of the women’s volleyball team]
“There are kids who call me ‘commissioner’, ‘advisor’, ‘unnie’, ‘advisor’, and they call me whatever they want…” Everyone from the

players to the coaches are welcome.

[Park Jung-ah/Captain of the women’s volleyball team]
“I don’t know what to call her, I call her Yeonkyung unni, but is it okay to call her that in front of many cameras… On the day she comes to the athletes’ village, she hits us the ball and I think we’re getting a lot of help.”

[Han Yu-mi/Women’s Volleyball National Team Coach]
“‘This is the global trend, what foreign coaches do when training, and we’ve been like this until now’ because they helped me a lot…”

He helps with defensive training with the river spike, and does not forget to give advice to juniors even when they make small mistakes.스포츠토토

[Kim Yeon-kyung/National team advisor]
“There are things I can tell me that I can’t tell the coach or coach, so I’m trying to help a lot with things like the relationship between foreign staff and domestic staff, communication, and things like that.”

While Kim Yeon-kyung announced that she would accompany her on an expedition to the Nations League at the end of this month.

The national team will compete in the Olympic qualifiers and the Asian Games in September.

[Kim Yeon-Kyung/Team Advisor]
“The Asian Games are such an event that all the people are interested in. The players may feel a bit pressured, but I hope they bring a medal of a good color with a sense of responsibility.”

This is Song Ki-seong from MBC News.

Video coverage: So Jeong-seop / Video editing: Koh Geun-geun

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