Jeonbuk, ‘4 losses in 7 matches’, is not a candidate for the championship… 0-1 defeat to Suwon FC

 Jeonbuk Hyundai collapsed again. 

Jeonbuk lost 0-1 to Suwon FC in the 7th round of the ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Suwon Sports Complex at 7:00 pm on the 15th. With this defeat, Jeonbuk could not get out of 8th place. With 3 points, Suwon FC moved up to 5th place.

Suwon FC started with Jang Jae-woong, Jung Jae-yoon, Lass, Yoon Bit-garam, Murillo, Park Joo-ho, Lee Yong, Shinsegae, Lee Jae-seong, Jeong Dong-ho, and Noh Dong-gun. Lee Seung-woo, Jackson, and Lee Kwang-hyuk start from the bench.메이저놀이터

For Jeonbuk, Hapa Silva, Han Kyo-won, Song Min-gyu, Maeng Seong-woong, Lee Soo-bin, Amano, Jung Woo-jae, Hong Jeong-ho, Kim Gun-woong, Park Jin-seop, and Kim Jeong-hoon were selected. Jung Tae-wook, Baek Seung-ho, Lee Dong-jun, Moon Seon-min, and Andre wait on the bench.

In the 9th minute of the first half, Song Min-gyu took advantage of Hafa Silva’s speed and put a pass. Hafa Silva failed to finish with a shot.

Suwon FC kept up the tempo and continued the attack. In the 16th minute of the first half, the Suwon FC attack, which started with Yoon Bit-garam, was delivered to Lars. Amano rushed in and cleared Rath’s sharp cross.

Suwon FC almost ruined the good atmosphere. In the 21st minute of the first half, Lee Jae-seong made a mistake in the build-up process. Song Min-gyu intercepted and the attack continued. Amano’s shot went straight to Nodong.

Suwon FC did not stop the reins of the attack. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Murillo’s corner kick was hit in the head by Lee Kwang-hyeok, but it went skyward.

In the end, Suwon FC scored the first goal. In the 27th minute of the first half, Song Min-kyu’s absurd passing miss came out. Lars broke through alone and finished with a powerful shot.

Jeonbuk did not give up easily either. In the 34th minute of the first half, a long-awaited right attack was delivered to Hafa Silva. Hafa Silva’s header was barely hit by Noh Dong-gun.

Suwon FC unfortunately failed to score. In the 37th minute of the first half, Shinsegae scored with a fantastic volley shot from a corner kick. However, after reading the VAR, the goal was canceled due to a handball foul.

At the end of the first half, Jeonbuk seized a golden opportunity. Han Kyo-won was momentarily missed by the defense. Jae-Sung Lee interrupted Kyo-Won Han’s decisive opportunity. Han Kyo-Won took another shot, but it hit the post.

Suwon FC immediately counterattacked. Lee Seung-woo continued Lee Kwang-hyuk’s cross with a non-stop shot, but Kim Jung-hoon flew and blocked it. The first half was a complete victory for Suwon FC.

As the second half started, Suwon FC replaced Park Joo-ho with Kim Seon-min. Jeonbuk put Baek Seung-ho and Lee Dong-jun in and replaced Maeng Seong-woong and Han Kyo-won.

Jeonbuk started to change the atmosphere right away. In the 2nd minute of the second half, Baek Seung-ho’s cross hit Hapa Silva’s head, but it went slightly off the goalpost.

Suwon FC took the mood again with Yun Bitgaram at the center. A decisive opportunity came to Lee Seung-woo in the 14th minute of the second half. Lee Seung-woo beat Kim Gun-woong and Kim Jung-hoon struck the shot with his fingertips. Jeonbuk immediately launched a counterattack. Hafa Silva’s sharp cross didn’t catch Lee Dong-jun’s feet.

Suwon FC continued to drive. In the 17th minute of the second half, Lee Kwang-hyeok’s witty header was again blocked by Kim Jeong-hoon. Yoon Bit-garam showed a goosebumps play. In the 20th minute of the second half, he created a decisive opportunity for Lars with a pass that calmly floated in front of four defenders. However, Lars’ shot was far off.

Jeonbuk seized the opportunity after a long time. In the 25th minute of the second half, Baek Seung-ho’s cross flowed backwards. Park Jin-seop’s shot was blocked by Roh Dong-gun’s super save. Song Min-gyu finished the ball right away, but Noh Dong-gun blocked it again.

Suwon FC missed another goal opportunity. In the 40th minute of the second half, Lee Seung-woo stabbed Lee Kwang-hyeok and caught the pass. Lee Kwang-hyeok had a one-on-one opportunity, but the shot went wide of the target. As the match ended, Suwon FC won. 

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