Jecheon Sports Marketing Effect ‘Tok Tok’… “Great help to the local economy”

Jecheon City, Chungcheongbuk-do is enjoying economic effects through sports marketing.

According to Jecheon City on the 6th, a total of 71 sports events were hosted by the city this year.

20 competitions were held until last month, and 51 competitions will be held one after another from this month.

National high school football tournament in autumn, presidential geumbae high school football tournament, national basketball festival, national business wrestling tournament, etc. are lined up.

In the case of the National Basketball Association Festival, it has been confirmed that Jecheon will be held next year and the following year.

Even this month, the National Volleyball Championships, which opened on the 1st, the 36th President’s Cup National Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition, 2023 K-League Unified Cup, University Unemployment Federation Hockey Tournament, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism National Futsal Tournament, 2023 Jecheon I-League Soccer Tournament, etc. is held

Converting the number of athletes participating in these competitions into man-days, the number reaches 345,000, excluding parents and spectators.

It is estimated that the amount of economic effect caused by these visitors through sports events will reach a total of 85.7 billion won, including direct effects of 20.7 billion won and indirect effects of 65 billion won.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Compared to the cost (4.6 billion won) that Jecheon City pays for the operation of the competition, it is 18 times more economical.

Previously, the city of Jecheon spent 4 billion won last year to host 55 sports events.

A total of 235,000 people visited Jecheon, resulting in an economic effect of 58.6 billion won, including direct effects of 14 billion won and indirect effects of 44.5 billion won.

Jecheon City established a sports marketing team under the Sports Promotion Department in January 2019, based on the judgment that attracting sports competitions has a significant effect on revitalizing the local economy.

An official from the city said, “The more sports competitions are hosted, the higher the satisfaction of workers in related industries such as restaurants, accommodations, and taxis.”

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