‘Japanese national team’ battery coach’s special training… kt, the living room is getting old

Although it was not possible to communicate with the players at once due to language differences, it seemed that their hearts were connected. The main character is Fumihiro Suzuki (48), kt Wiz Futures Battery Coach, who gave detailed instructions for each movement for the players.

The training ground for the national baseball team in Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, where kt Futures spring camp is being held. Many players were sweating for the 2023 season. Coach Suzuki worked with Moon Sang-in (25) and Jung Woo-sung (21) for a long time to foster catchers.

Coach Suzuki is an experienced catcher who served as the host of the Japanese national team during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He briefly finished his leadership career in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) and came to Korea to coach kt Futures Battery from the 2021 season. He helps young catchers grow and establish themselves in the first team.

Coach Suzuki said, “At first, there was some hesitation due to differences in language, culture, and thoughts. (Coming to Korea) I am grateful that the people around me really helped me and created an environment where it was easy to coach the players. Skilled players There are also many. I am thinking about how to deepen my awareness of the catcher and how to make him understand. I am always having a good experience.”

Coach Suzuki’s enthusiastic guidance continued throughout the training session. After throwing the ball to the players, he caught it and carefully observed the action leading up to the throw. When the players couldn’t throw with perfect posture, he demonstrated himself, held his body, and taught them how to pitch. He also looked at the skills of the players who were developing little by little, and did not spare encouragement and praise.

Coach Suzuki’s advice to young catchers is ‘preparation’ and ‘basic’. He said that he had to build up enough strength to show his full skills in the game. He said, “First, preparation is important. You have to think about what you have to do to be 100% present in training and competition, and make sure you are prepared for it.” 스포츠토토

He added, “The second is the basics. In any sport, the basics and basics exist. When the basics become, they have their own. (Players as catchers) clearly understand the basics and basics to start instruction.” .

Coach Suzuki talked about the trust of catchers and pitchers for the growth of young catchers. The catcher must lead the pitcher to throw the pitch with confidence on the mound. And he emphasized defense to give that trust.

Coach Suzuki said, “The catcher must first catch and stop properly. Otherwise, it will not lead to the next step, the throw, and you will not be able to earn the pitcher’s trust. Also, it is important to train and play with the insistence on getting better at catching and blocking. do,” he explained.

kt is looking for a third catcher for the 2023 season. There is Jang Seong-woo (33), the master of the house, and Kim Jun-tae (29), who supports him, but you must always prepare for variables. It is hoped that young players can improve their skills as quickly as possible and build thick catchers.

Thanks to coach Suzuki’s special training, kt’s living room is evolving. I wonder if he’ll revitalize the team’s catchers with young catchers.

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