‘Jang Chung-go One-Two Punch’ Hwang Jun-seo-Yuk Sun-yeop “See you in the pros”

It’s the first ever Ama Baseball All-Star Game, where high school and college players compete against each other.

Jang Chung-go’s two aces, Hwang Jun-seo and Yuk Sun-yeop, who are being eyed by professional teams, pitched side by side.

The friendly game, which featured all the top prospects in baseball, attracted an unusual number of scouts from each club, as well as major league teams.

At the start of the game, all eyes were on Hwang Jun-seo, a left-handed ace from Jang Chung-go who was selected as a starter for his high school all-star team.

Hwang Jun-seo was not intimidated at all, even against university seniors.

His pitching was impressive, as he threw splitters and struck out batters.

Although he did give up one run in a self-inflicted crisis with two consecutive walks‥

He pitched two solid innings with his fastball in the mid-140s.

[Hwang Jun-seo/Jang Chung-go]
“It’s definitely a lot more relaxed (than high school baseball), so I feel like I’m learning a lot.”

Jang Chung-go’s teammate, right-handed pitcher Yuk Sun-yeop, who immediately came on in relief, was even more formidable.

With a fastball that topped out at 150 km/h.

He struck out three batters in a row while using his curveball confidently.

[Yuk Sun-yup/Jang Chung-go]
“‘Wow, I did it’. I was so proud of myself. I did a little power analysis on my brothers beforehand, and I think I was thinking, ‘I’m going to get a quick count and finish with my changeup.'”

Hwang Jun-seo and Yuk Sun-yeop, Jang Chung-go’s lefty and righty aces, are both expected to be top picks in this year’s rookie draft.

[Hwang Jun-seo/Jang Chung-go]
“First of all, I think (I’ll be) picked first because I have a good fastball and I have speed, which is not typical for a left-handed pitcher.”

[Yuk Sun-yup/Jang Chung-go]
“I think Jun-seo will be picked first because she has done a lot of good things so far.”

It’s also clear that they want to learn from each other.

[Hwang Jun-seo/Jang Chung-go]
“I like how Seonyeop doesn’t get discouraged in a crisis and enjoys herself.”

[Yuk Sun-yup/Jang Chung-go]
“I would like to take away things like Jun-seo’s pitching and game management.”

He also dreams of the day when the Aces representing his alma mater will be drafted by different teams and face off against each other in the pros.먹튀검증

“Let’s go pro and do well!”

This is Kim Soo-geun from MBC News.

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