“It feels real to receive a congratulatory message from the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism”… Jung Yoo-seon, the gold medalist at Korea’s first indoor track and field championships

Jeong Yoo-seon (26, Ansan City Hall) won a gold medal in the women’s shot put at the 10th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships, which ended in Astana, Kazakhstan on the 12th. Korean track and field had no connection with gold in this event, but it was opened by Jeong Yoo-seon’s victory.

In this competition, Jeong Yoo-seon won the championship with a record of 16m98, defeating Lee Soo-jeong (30, Seogwipo City Hall, 16m45). Until then, Choi Yoon-hee (age 37, retired) in 2012 won a silver medal in the women’s pole vault, which was Korea’s best track record at this event. She was also proud of her work, overcoming her left knee injury and her lack of self-confidence that had plagued her in recent years.

In a phone call with Sports Donga on the 15th, Jung Yu-seon said, “I was called up to the national team last November and improved my condition at the Jincheon National Training Center, but I did not expect to participate, let alone win this tournament.” I am happy to win a gold medal in my first competition this season.”

She suffers chronically from a meniscal injury in her left knee, which she acquired while in Chungju Girls’ Middle School. After setting her personal best (17m12) in June 2021, she failed to break her record for over a year and her confidence plummeted. She overcame her bad luck and took the top spot in the women’s shot put, where so far only China and Uzbekistan have reached the top.

Regarding the driving force behind her victory, he said, “She picked up her pace by training in Jeju Island for six weeks at the beginning of this year.” It was easy to do. All of the moves she prepared during practice worked well in practice,” she explained. 스포츠토토

Jeong Yoo-sun did not forget to express her gratitude to Lee Soo-jeong and Shim Jun (26, Armed Forces Sports Corps), whom she had known since high school. Lee Soo-jung has been with her as her idol, reliable older sister, and competitor, while Sim-jun has been her friend and started dating last year. Both of them have been encouraging and praising Jeong Yoo-seon.

The congratulatory message he received from Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Bo-gyun on the 13th is expected to be a great motivation for his career in the future. Jeong Yoo-sun said, “Whenever my heart was weak, (Shim) Jun-yi listened to my worries and gave me advice, which gave me great strength. However, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s congratulatory message was more than a joy.”

Regarding future goals, “Until now, the Asian Games women’s shot put has been China’s strong point. In September, she said, “I want to compete in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou and win a medal,” she said.

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