In the final match of the preliminary round, Korean Air, with 1 loss, faced Japan’s Suntory

Korean Air lost 1-3 (28-30 17-25 25-22 21-25) to Jakarta Bayangkara, the runner-up in the Indonesian League, in the 3rd round of Group A preliminary round held at Isa Sports City in Manama, Bahrain on the 16th (local time). lost.

Korean Air, which already confirmed its advance to the quarterfinals the previous day after consecutive defeats over the Canberra Heat (Australia) and Al-Ahli (Bahrain), lost in the third game on the day and finished the preliminary round in second place in Group A following Jakarta Bayangkara (7 points) with 6 points. Korean Air will play Group E in the quarterfinal round with one loss.

Group E in the quarterfinals consisted of four teams: 1st place Jakarta Bayangkara in Group A and 2nd place Korean Air, 1st place in Group C Suntory Sunbirds (Japan) and 2nd place Bayang Kongor (Mongolia). 1st and 2nd place out of 4 teams advance to the semifinals. Korean Air, who suffered a blow after two wins, faced the burden of having to win against Suntory in the first match of Group E in the quarterfinal round on the 18th.메이저놀이터

Korean Air suffered its first defeat in the tournament because it failed to stop opponents ‘Zoopo’ Farhan Halim, who has been the serve king for the second consecutive year in the Indonesian league, and Daudi Okello, who is from the V-League.

Head coach Tommy Tillikainen said, “The goal of this tournament was melted into the three group stage matches. I am satisfied that our players have achieved a good record of 2 wins and 1 loss in the new environment and face-to-face confrontation with new players.” “I will prepare well for the remaining games. He said, “We need more improvement in the aggressive part.”

Coach Tillikainen, who led Japan’s Wolfdogs Nagoya from 2017 to 2020 and is also a ‘Jilpa’, is now preparing for a confrontation with Suntory. Suntory’s center is guarded by Dmitri Mushalski (Russia, 218 cm), who is considered one of the world’s top middle blockers.

Coach Tillikainen said, “Now we will analyze Suntory’s strength. It’s a team I’ve played against a lot in the past, but there are players who are still protecting the team and there are new players, so analysis is needed.” It was expected.

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