“If you do better here, you’re a superman” director Kim Seung-gi’s praise for Kim Jin-yu

Carrot will challenge for a 6-game winning streak with a win against SK. 

The Goyang Carrot Jumpers will face off against the Seoul SK Knights in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball Regular League at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 23rd.

The recent rise of Carrot, which seemed to be slowing down, is fierce. In the previous game, they caught even the leading KGC and are running on a 5-game winning streak. If they win the match today, they can beat SK and jump to 4th place.

Manager Kim Seung-gi said, “The opponent’s power is very good. Today, Jonathan Alledge has to go out first and start well. Throw a shot and play as you want. The important thing is defense without making a big difference. “I can’t play basketball that shoots points. He’s a good 3-point player. I told him to throw it when he gets a chance. Our team is aggressively releasing it.”

Considering the height of SK, Lee Jong-hyun is the starting carrot.

Manager Kim said, “Lee Jong-hyun is going to start, and he has to do well in defense. You have to be able to help Jong-hyun. This is a choice conscious of SK’s height.” 헤라카지노도메인

Carrot is on the rise, but it is regrettable that guard Han Ho-bin’s absence will be longer.

Director Kim expressed regret, saying, “I came in, but there is a story that I need to rest for about two more weeks. It shouldn’t have a lot of injuries, but there are many injuries in the team.”

Kim Jin-yu’s hustle play, which caught 17 rebounds in the KGC match, was the carrot that stood out.

Coach Kim said, “You can’t do better than this. If you do better, you’re Superman. He’s doing it the best. He does the dirty work, puts in 3 points, and does it accurately, making no mistakes. Kim Jin-yu was a player who made a lot of mistakes, but now he’s good at playing basketball “If you decide what you’re good at, smart players do just that. He’s mastered that. Until now, he’s an underrated player, but his hidden potential is coming out.”

Regarding the comparison with Moon Seong-gon, he said, “He rebounds so well that I wonder if he is close to Moon Seong-gon, throws a 3-point shot opportunity, and keeps the defense clean. It’s a pity that he is small. Seonggon is a player with great defensive power that comes from his tall height. The important thing is not to get hurt. He has reduced a lot of unnecessary plays, but he is still anxious because he is not shy.”

Carrot, who was newly created this season, is receiving favorable responses from many fans with his 3-point shooting-based basketball.

Manager Kim said, “Popularity has improved a lot. It was a team that was at the bottom of the popularity list, but it came in third place. At first, the fans were really calm, but now they were screaming and going crazy. That made me feel really good. Fans go wild when it explodes,” he said happily.

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