I wondered why it wasn’t moving… Cheonwoong Lee was a player who could not be traded or released.

There was a reason why LG did not budge despite numerous requests for Lee Chun-woong.

It was revealed that Lee Cheon-woong was a player classified by LG as a player who could not be ‘trade/released’.

Lee Chun-woong side said, “I asked the club to know the definite stance for Lee Chun-woong. He inquired if he could not be released by trade or release (free agency). The answer that came back was that it was a player that could not be traded or released. Lee Chun-woong also has a lot of lingering feelings for LG. He wants to show what he does well at LG. These things are intertwined in a complex way, and Lee Chun-woong’s time is passing.”

Lee Chun-woong is currently behind in LG’s outfield competition. He is gradually decreasing until the time he stays in the first team.

In the meantime, many new faces are appearing in the LG outfield. Kim Hyeon-soo, who was an established left fielder, seems to have to play a number of games as a designated hitter.

Chances may no longer come to Lee Chun-woong.

Lee Chun-woong only played 19 games in the first team last year. He also had a poor batting average of 0.200. He had an on-base percentage of just 0.304 and his slugging percentage was tied at 0.200.

The slump continued in the Futures League as well. He played 37 games, in which he went 22-for-99 for a batting average of only .222.

Asking Lee Chun-woong level player to perform well in the 2nd team is a very cruel thing. It is never easy to play baseball in competition mode with black juniors in the 2nd team. Judging Lee Chun-woong with these grades is not the front and back.

The performance in the 2nd group should be seen as containing the size of the loss that Lee Chun-woong accepted.

But now, Lee Chun-woong gritted his teeth. He is a body that cannot leave LG anyway. If so, he has no choice but to see the game within LG.

He could not participate in the 1st team spring camp, but he is sweating every day at the 2nd team spring camp held at Champions Field in Icheon. 카지노

He is taking on a challenge that may be his last.

LG has no place in the outfield, but LG has no intention of releasing Lee Chun-woong. The only thing left is Lee Chun-woong to release his shackles and fly like before.

Lee Chun-woong understands the circumstances of LG. LG’s outfield is said to be solid, but there could be a player with sluggish performance like Hong Chang-ki last year, and Moon Seong-joo is still in the process of growing. There can be vacancies at any time.

It is interpreted that LG is not letting go of Lee Chun-woong in preparation for such an emergency.

Unconditionally, for the time being, the possibility of Lee Chun-woong wearing a different uniform is close to zero. Now there is only one thing left. The question is whether Lee Cheon-woong can tear down a corner of LG’s outfield, which looks as solid as steel, and occupy that position.

It’s too heartless, but now everything depends solely on Lee Chun-woong. Only Lee Chun-woong holds the key to escape this dark age.

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