“I will work hard and go up one step at a time” Lee Seung-joon’s resolution, Field Marshal of Huimun Middle School

Lee Seung-joon (G, 174cm), who entered the third grade this year, expressed his determination.

Currently, most elementary, middle, and high schools are preparing for the season that begins in March. Organizational power is maximized through off-season training or practice matches. Whimoon Middle School, which Lee Seung-jun belongs to, is conducting a joint field training with Donga Middle School, Munhwa Middle School, Bae Jae Middle School, Samseon Middle School, Samil Middle School, Cheonan Seongseong Middle School, Chuncheon Middle School, Hogye Middle School, and Hwabong Middle School, and is holding practice matches.

In a phone call with this magazine, Lee Seung-jun said, “We are playing practice matches with other schools in Jeju Island. Two of the seniors have recently recovered from injuries. From now on, I think I will have to work as a team again and prepare for the competition starting in March.”

Whimoon Middle School, led by coach Choi Jong-hoon, had the best year in 2021, winning prizes at the Spring Federation, Association Janggi, Wangjungwangjeon, and Classification Championships. Last year, he reached the finals of the federation president and the association long term, but lost all of them and drank a lot. In order for Whimoon Middle School to regain its pride this year, the 3rd graders, led by Lee Seung-jun, must give their strength.

“Of course, it is regrettable that we lost, but I want to put meaning in itself that we reached the finals twice last year and played the last game. This year, our team members are not cold-blooded champions. I think I have to work hard with my colleagues to prepare to go up one step at a time.” Seungjun Lee says: 카지노사이트

Lee’s strong point is his ability to assist based on game management and passing sense. He has strength in playing to save his teammates rather than attacking himself. He is expected to lead the team as the field commander of Huimunjung.

Lee Seung-jun said, “There are times when I only see my teammates’ chances and don’t see my attacks. This year, I want to become a player who can save my teammates’ chances and at the same time see my attacks.”

Lee Seung-jun’s father is Lee Kyu-seop, a commentator at SPOTV. Commentator Lee Kyu-seop, who took the mic for the first time this season, is enjoying his second prime with professional commentary and witty remarks.

Regarding his father, Lee Seung-jun said, “People around him often say that he listens to his father’s commentary. It’s amazing that more people are mentioning my dad than before. His dad sometimes watches the broadcast and gives him basketball advice. He doesn’t talk much about basketball because he doesn’t often.”

Lastly, Lee Seung-joon expressed his short and bold aspirations, saying, “The season starts in March, and I will work hard to get good results without getting injured.” 

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