“I stood there for a while” Park Gun-woo’s plastering sin, ‘Charisma’ commander “didn’t meet” in the end

NC Bishop Kang is a leader with a pulpit.

He is usually a quiet and soft-spoken commander who makes rational judgments and orders.

However, the players do not feel comfortable with him. This is because he has a great charisma.

He usually treats the players like a big brother and jokes with them, but the moment he deviates from the track, it changes. If you deviate from the shared principles, he’s relentless. No one is exempt.

Park Gun-woo, a 10 billion won free agent, was sent to the second team for disciplinary reasons.

Here’s what happened.

NC removed outfielder Park Gun-woo from the first team roster on the third day of the move.

“He’s not particularly ill,” an NC official explained. When asked, “Then why?” he said, “I think the manager will explain in the briefing tomorrow.

This left a lot of room for interpretation. Overnight, theories poured in.

Park went hitless in the first two games against KT on March 30 and 31. However, he rebounded with a 2-for-4 performance, including a double, in Game 2 against KT, starting in right field. He singled, doubled to left-center, grounded out to shortstop, and flied out to center field. Park was replaced by Choi Jung-won in the bottom of the eighth inning with the score 0-1. It wasn’t a managerial decision.

NC scored four runs in the bottom of the eighth, right after Park was removed, to lose 5-0 and complete the three-game sweep.

This was a moment that stuck with Kang Myung-ho. The departure of the center fielder in a one-run game during a losing streak. It was a disappointing performance that didn’t fit the image of ‘Team First’.

There’s no doubt that Park was physically challenged at the time.

He’s been playing center field and right field since the beginning of the season, despite a recurring hamstring problem, and the effects are coming in waves. His body aches here and there, and he’s at the point of exhaustion. Why he went hitless in the last two games. “It’s true that Park Gun-woo complained of some discomfort here and there during last week’s game,” Kang said.

However, the problem was that the team was on a losing streak and was one at-bat away from winning the game.

“As a senior, I have the idea that you should not only have skills but also virtues. When I became the head coach, I always had the direction that we should not do anything that deviates from the original team, so I was a little disappointed in Park Gun-woo in that regard,” Kang said, referring to the game. He emphasized, “It’s not about taming players or disciplining them,” and said, “It’s a message that they shouldn’t deviate from the original team.” He also said, “I think this is the most important point in a season. I think these last 15 games, nine on the road and six at home, are going to determine where we’re going to be at the end of the season.”

With injuries to the starting lineup, it could be argued that the team hasn’t been prioritizing the team at the worst possible time, with a 2-8 record last week and a third-place finish under threat.

At his official inauguration as head coach of the NC on November 3 last year in Masan, Kang said, “Any player who deviates from the original team will be severely punished, regardless of who they are.”

The moment Park decided that Gun-woo had deviated from the original team’s standards, he immediately ordered him to the second team.먹튀검증

Panicked by his sudden transfer to the second team, Park went to the coach’s office. “He stood in front of the coach’s office for a long time,” the people around him said.

However, coach Kang Myung-hwa did not meet with the player in the end. When asked by a reporter how the player was reacting to the news, he flatly said, “I didn’t meet with him.”

He couldn’t change the decision he had already made. At the time, it was unavoidable. It’s likely that the manager’s meeting with the player will take place on the day he is called up to the first team.

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