“I just wanted to do something”…Korean Baseball Association of Canada drives 20 hours to bring Korean food to the U.S.

“I wanted to do something for the younger athletes.”

We drove for 20 hours, over mountains and across water, just because we share the same blood. The trunk and backseat of the car were packed with kimchi, kakdugi, nori, ramen, sunban, bananas, and bottled water.

The Korean Baseball and Softball Association of Canada (KCBA), which has a branch in Toronto, Canada, has been airlifting precious Korean food to the Korean women’s national team’s accommodation as they prepare for the 2024 Women’s Baseball World Cup (WBSC) qualifiers.

J.C. KIM, president of the KCBA, said on the 8th (KST), “Thunder Bay is not well known in Canada. We thought it was close to Toronto, so we decided to go there blindly, but it took us 20 hours by car,” he laughed.

“The Korean Women’s Baseball Association (WBAK) only wanted a few boxes of ramen noodles, but when we thought about it a bit more, we realized that if you eat ramen, you want to eat kimchi and kakdugi as well. We went to the grocery store and bought it all,” he said.

“We wanted to do something for the young players, and we realized that there were no Korean restaurants or big grocery stores in Thunder Bay. The team had a lot to pack, including baseball equipment, so we wanted to provide them with food.”

The Korean food provided by the association has been gobbled up by the team. When the pizza, chicken, and other food served in the team cafeteria was too much for them, they sought out Korean food themselves. After the first official training session on the 8th, only a few players were seen at lunchtime, and when asked why, they replied, “Everyone is eating ramen, kimchi, and sunban at the hostel.”먹튀검증

“It’s unfortunate that we found out about the tournament late and had a short time to prepare. I’m also worried that we served too much ramen.” Kim and the staff of the Korea Baseball and Softball Association of Canada will be back in Thunder Bay to cheer on Canada and the Republic of Korea at 8:30 a.m. (ET) on June 12 at Port Arthur Stadium.

“They have their own jobs, but they are helping the organization for free,” said Kim. All of them will take annual leave to fly to Canada and Korea to cheer. We have already advertised the Canada-Korea game in the Canadian diaspora newspaper, so we may have more Korean visitors.”

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