How to avoid shank… “Follow me like this”


It is a word that amateur golfers hate the most. The ball hits the club head and shaft joint and flies out of whack. When a shank occurs, you panic and lose confidence. The biggest problem is that there is a continuous shank. In the worst case, it even comes to yips, who develop anxiety symptoms due to fear of missing a shot. in the U.S. recently released advice from a world-class golf instructor to prevent shank.

Reduce tension first. A shank causes a shank. A shank is a sign of a sloppy or weak swing. Take a deep breath and exhale. Relax your hands and arms and focus on a balanced finish. The tempo softens and I feel positive. You can feel the balance improving.

Examine the impact location through the launch monitor. A shank occurs when the pitch is too close to the ball at address. It moves farther away from the ball at impact. This is the correct address method. When you put the club down next to the ball, instead of centering the club on the ball, place the toe of the club on the ball. As you swing, move your head toward the ball rather than tilting it back through impact. 안전놀이터

Manages the interaction of the leading edge with the turf. Hit the ball 17mm below the sweet spot. On the other hand, an amateur golfer with a shank hits 23mm above the sweet spot. The lie angle is important. stand up and don’t hit Players who are inexperienced in the short game increase the lie of the club at impact.

Make your stance a bit wider. Grip lightly. Just be careful not to move the grip in your hand. I emphasize once again, but keep the lie you took at address. Swing in a neutral plane, hit the ball down, and make sure you hit the ground with the center of the sole.

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