‘Healthy Se-geun Oh’ returns…Leads the lead of KGC Ginseng Corporation

Anyang Ginseng Corporation in men’s professional basketball continues to lead the race.

At the center of this season’s high-flying march is the performance of Oh Se-geun, who is playing a healthy season without injury.

Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

Oh Se-geun shows off his keen sense of scoring by scoring 5 points in a row at the start of the game.

With Oh Se-geun, who scored 14 points, including two 3-point shots in the first quarter alone, KGC Ginseng Corporation took the lead early.

With Oh Se-geun’s 3-point shot in the middle of the 3rd quarter, the score difference widened to 31 points, and the confrontation between the 1st and 2nd place teams ended with an easy victory for the lead KGC Ginseng Corporation.

With the two teams riding up to 4.5 games, KGC Ginseng Corporation took one step closer to winning the regular league.

[Oh Se-geun / KGC Ginseng Corporation Forward: As the coach ordered, the defense and rebounding went well until the end

. ‘.

Oh Se-geun is averaging close to 27 minutes in 42 games this season, recording 13.0 points and 6.4 rebounds. 바카라사이트

He is evaluated to have completely recovered his performance in his prime, while silently performing dirty tasks such as defense and rebounding, and at the same time combining accurate outside shots.

While Oh Se-geun, who was often absent due to frequent injuries, digested the season in good health, KGC Ginseng Corporation is looking forward to winning the third championship in its career.

[Oh Se-geun / KGC Ginseng Corporation Forward: Since they are continuously winning, the atmosphere is naturally good, and the players are bringing a good atmosphere in various ways when exercising or resting.]

KGC Ginseng Corporation’s winning streak with ‘Healthy Se-geun Oh’ How far it will lead, the expectations of basketball fans are growing.

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