Hanwha manager Subero at the AZ camp facility “I am very satisfied with the excellent training environment from FA power reinforcement”

Hanwha Eagles coach Carlos Subero joined the Arizona Spring Camp team on the morning of the 30th (local time) and showed great satisfaction after visiting the camp facilities with the coaching staff.

Arizona’s Bellbank Park, where Hanwha’s 2023 spring camp will be held, is a sports complex built last year. Hanwha will use three baseball fields, an indoor weight training center, and treatment facilities for recovery. 토토사이트

Coach Subero, who toured the various facilities at Bellbank Park with the coaching staff, praised the campground training environment.

Coach Subero said, “I think the club put a lot of effort into choosing the venue. He made a really good choice,” he said. “I hope that opening the season in such a good facility will serve as a new opportunity for the players.”

He said, “I feel grateful for the fact that the club allowed me to train in such a good facility as well as reinforce my strength by recruiting a free agent.” We will build a stronger team with new coaches and newly joined players.”

Hanwha is scheduled to enter full-fledged spring camp from February 1st.

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