‘Hafa Silva and War of Nerves’ Lee Han-beom “I lived because Tae-seok and Sung-yong hyungs came”

 FC Seoul drew with Jeonbuk Hyundai at their home on Children’s Day. Young blood Lee Han-beom, who recently returned from injury and started, announced his health by playing full-time.

Seoul drew 1-1 in the home game against Jeonbuk in the 11th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium at 2:00 pm on the 5th. They gave up the opening goal to Gustavo early in the first half, but in the second half, substitute Park Dong-jin scored an equalizer to earn one point.

Seoul was twisted from the start of the game. 11 seconds after the start of the game, the ball was stolen from the left defensive line and Gustavo hit a blow. It was a variable that was not in Seoul’s plan to win the first victory in six years against Jeonbuk, which was in a mess with the injured ward and the manager being hardened. However, after conceding a goal, they continued to be aggressive, and Park Dong-jin scored an equalizer in the 33rd minute of the second half, and the game ended in a draw.

Lee Han-bum, born in 2002, started as a three-back with Osmar and Kim Joo-seong and played full-time. He gave up the opening goal after failing to touch the ball properly, but after that, he straightened the line and allowed no more goals.

Lee Han-beom, who joined in 2021 after graduating from Boin High School, has raised expectations as a major prospect from the first year of his professional debut. He is 188cm tall as a center back and has a defensive sense, so he was evaluated as a future player who will be responsible for Seoul’s defense. While gaining experience on the professional stage by playing 9 league games in his debut season and 23 games in the 2022 season, he suffered a long-term injury in August of last year and took a break throughout the second half. He was expected to return to the opening game this season, but the injury recurred and he continued to focus on rehabilitation. After that, he was substituted in the second half of the 9th round Gangwon FC away game and stepped on the ground in about 8 months. In the 10th round against Suwon FC, he came out as a starter and played 80 minutes.

After the game, Lee Han-beom, whom we met in the mixed zone, had a relatively bright expression. He said, “I conceded badly as soon as I started, but I was able to go further by giving it up at the very beginning. Other than that, I think the defense held up well without a big crisis other than giving up one 1-on-1 chance.”

He has been out for a long time and has been a great addition to his team. He seemed to have had a hard time coming back. Lee Han-beom said, “Actually, I was planning to come back in time for the opening game, but I landed and got hurt right before the opening game. It was mentally difficult at that time.

In the second half of the game, Lee Han-beom got into a war of nerves with Jeonbuk striker Happa Silva and received a warning. He said, “There are some things I’m angry about, but I think I’m angry because I kicked my leg while the ball was already missing. I think I have to do that once in a while in order not to be pushed by the momentum.” Then, he smiled, saying, “But three or four Jeonbuk hyungs came running to me, so I was a little scared. Fortunately, Tae-seok and Sung-yong hyung came right away, so I survived.”

Before Hafa Silva came in, he constantly bumped into Gustavo and fought for the ball. Lee Han-bum said, “I tried against Gustavo last year, but he’s a very tough player. He’s strong and has a very high heading RBI. Still, I’m more confident than last year, so I tried to handle it a little rough today.” He also talked about his team striker Hwang Eui-jo. He laughed, saying, “It’s a different style from Gustavo. Uijo runs a lot and finds space really well to make it difficult for defenders to follow. He is a player who makes defense very difficult, but it is fortunate that we are on the same team.”스포츠토토

Park Dong-jin, who was interviewing the best player on the day, cited that coach Ahn Ik-soo has become softer as one of the reasons why Seoul is doing well this season and the atmosphere is good. Lee Han-beom also admitted it. He said, “That’s right. The coach has changed a lot. Originally, there was something scary about the force, but these days, he laughed a lot and became softer.” I think the players are also accepting it well. I like that part.”

Seoul has surpassed 30,000 average spectators for home games this season. In the Jeonbuk match, 37,008 people entered and mobilized cloud spectators. Lee Han-bum, who played for the first time in a home game this season, was delighted to be with so many fans. He said, “I was a little nervous at first because there were a lot of fans, but I was able to relax because I scored a goal so early. After that, the fans cheered me on so much that I was able to relax.” Then, to the fans,

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