Grave, grave, grave…the self-control of a steady hand, the stance of a Klinsmannian eye, was enough.

‘World Cup star’ Cho Kyu-sung (Jeonbuk Hyundai) scored an invaluable goal that not only revitalized Jeonbuk Hyundai but also secured his place in the national team.

Jo Kyu-sung came on as a substitute at the start of the second half against Ulsan Hyundai in the 16th round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on March 3.

In a crucial rivalry match, it was only natural for the striker to show his goal-deciding ability. The Brazilian attacking lineup of Andre Luiz, Gustavo, and Hapa Silva, however, failed to produce a goal. Acting head coach Kim Doo-hyun hesitated before taking Hapa Silva off at the start of the second half and bringing on Cho Kyu-sung.

Fans have high hopes for Cho Kyu-sung. He had impressive performances at last year’s World Cup in Qatar, including two goals against Ghana. He also had a noisy winter with European transfer rumors and tried to compose himself by concluding that he would move in the summer.

Of course, it wasn’t easy to control his emotions. I played about five games after the start of the season, but then disappeared due to injury and came back after rehabilitation. Against Ulsan, he needed to showcase his skills, and in the 38th minute, he rattled the net with his head after beating a defensive challenge from Jun Amano’s cross with an exquisite move.

In added time, her quick thinking was on full display. He picked up the ball down the centerline and cut it back to Song Min-gyu in front of him. He had no choice but to pass it back to Song Min-gyu, who found Moon Sun-min in the center of the penalty area for the extra goal.

It was a good feeling for Cho Kyu-sung to have a top-flight presence in front of Klinsmann. He was compared to Min-kyu, who led the team in scoring with eight goals. In reference to Min-kyu, coach Hong Myung-bo said, “Who is the best striker right now?” and promoted that Klinsmann deserved to be selected.

However, Cho Kyu-sung showed a better performance. Acting head coach Kim Doo-hyun said, “I think a player can grow and change through opportunities. I think it will be a change of pace for Cho Kyu-sung. Of course, Song Min-kyu’s ball possession and Moon Sun-min’s speed worked well next to him. I think the second goal was technically a high goal,” he praised.

Cho Kyu-sung, who has been in the spotlight, said after the goal, “It was just good. I didn’t think about it. It’s been a long time since I scored a goal. It wasn’t a slump, it wasn’t sad. I was just happy that Hyundai scored in the derby,” he said, sharing his honest feelings.

Still, living up to the expectations of the fans can be overwhelming. Cho Kyu-sung said that he goes it alone like a musketeer’s horn, “I don’t really care about it. I thought I could just do my job. It was important to look good for the fans, but my teammates all believed in (me). I just had to prepare well. The fans’ criticism is natural,” he said, emphasizing his nonchalant attitude.먹튀검증

His honesty is remarkable. He said he didn’t know that Klinsmann was watching, “I knew he was here when he was done, and I just hope he looks at me in a good light,” and actually prayed that he would be called up for Klinsmann’s first term. He is absolutely calm and says he doesn’t see it as a reversal, but rather a gradual upward shift: “I think it’s part of the process.”

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