‘Goalball national team’ Kim Hee-jin “I’m nervous about both goalball and musicals”

Do you know the sport called ‘goalball’?

The women’s national team qualified for the Paris Paralympic Games by finishing runner-up at the World Championships last year.

Reporter Song Ki-seong met Kim Hee-jin, a national goalball player and also a musical actor.

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Goalball, a sport for the visually impaired, where a ball with a sound is put into the opponent’s goal by hand.

There is a player who breaks the silence of the national training ground.

“Nice! I have a lot of time~”

“Calmly! Calmly!”

This is Kim Hee-jin, the captain of the national goalball team, who led the world championship runner-up last year and won the Paralympic qualifier in 28 years.

[Kim Hee-jin/Women’s Goalball Team]
“I think a lot of people were surprised by the sudden appearance of Korea after 16 years. I couldn’t eat foreign food well, so I ate a small cup of ramen and ran.”메이저놀이터

Kim Hee-jin, who ran track and field with non-disabled people until her second year of middle school, has her speed.

As a center, he consumes a lot of stamina in offense and defense, but he always goes one step further for his older sisters and younger brothers.

Heejin Kim, who lost her eyesight due to glaucoma at the age of 6, has another job as a musical actress.

He even gives strength to his teammates with his heartfelt songs.

“Now let’s take off our burdens and be happy. I earnestly wish.”

[Kim Hee-jin/Women’s Goalball Team]
“The tension I feel on stage and the tension I feel inside the arena are a bit different. So I think I actually like the trembling and tension of both.”

Due to the nature of throwing and blocking events using the whole body, injuries are frequent, so Kim Hee-jin entered college this year and is studying sports rehabilitation.

She aspires to medal in the Asian Games and Paralympic Games.

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