“Go is my life”… Legend Yoo Chang-hyeok, first win in the Daeju Cup

The 10th Daeju Cup Senior Men and Women’s Strongest Match Finals
Yu Chang-hyeok and Kwon Hyo-jin grabbed hemp and won 162 moves

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) ‘Legend’ Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th Dan, won the first championship in the Daeju Championship. Yoo Chang-hyeok, who has won 28 professional championships including six major world championships, is 9-dan, but this is the first time he has won the Grand Jubae, a stage for seniors.

Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th dan (57), met Kwon Hyo-jin, 7th dan (41) in the final of the 10th Grand Jury Competition held at the K-Go studio on the afternoon of the 28th, and won the match in 1 hour and 17 minutes, after 162 moves.

In the middle of the tense phase, Yoo Chang-hyeok’s 9th dan’s attack and Kwon Hyo-jin’s 7th dan’s hemp were caught in vain, and the game was won early. It was around 100. In front of Yoo Chang-hyeok, a veteran of the old battle, Kwon Hyo-jin lacked experience in big matches. Relative record is 5 matches.

Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th dan, who started participating in the 6th daejubae, has left a record of 8th, 4th, 2nd and 16th rounds. In this tournament, he defeated Myeong-geun Myeong-geun 9p, Lee Sang-hun 9p (small), Kim Eun-seon 6p, Park Ji-eun 9p, Ki-seop Lee 8p, Kim Hye-min 9p, and Kwon Hyo-jin 9p in turn. It is a 7-game winning streak.

Hyojin Kwon, 7th Dan, recorded her personal best. This is the first time that he has advanced to the final since he entered the professional path in 1995. It is the runner-up he achieved after 28 years of joining the professional team. They defeated Na Jong-hoon 8p, Jeong Dae-sang 9p, Kim Seung-joon 9p, Lee Chang-ho 9p, Lee Seong-jae 9p, and Lee Min-jin 8p.메이저놀이터

“I don’t know if it’s been five or six times since I’ve been to the main competition, but every time I heard that I was a candidate for the championship, it was very burdensome,” said Changhyuk Yoo, 9th dan, “I’m sorry to the fans for not winning, but I’m glad I won Thank you for your support. I will continue to work hard to bring joy to the fans.”

The men’s and women’s finals were held for the fourth time in three years in the Grand Jubae, where the qualifications granted to those over 50 years of age regardless of gender were significantly lowered from the 4th tournament to those over 30 years of age for female drivers only.

The prize money for the 10th Grand Jury Competition for male drivers over 45 years of age (born before 1978) and female drivers over 30 years of age (born before 1993) is KRW 15 million for the championship and KRW 5 million for the runner-up. This year, the ‘time plaque’ was removed in the finals, and when the countdown was exhausted, the second album was deducted as a penalty point each time, but it did not come out in the actual battle.

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