‘Glasses vs. long hair’ ace faces off against Go Woo-seok, Park Seung-wook wins… Lotte avoids third straight defeat

It was a breathtaking pitching battle between the aces of both teams. The game was only decided in the final moments.

The situation was equally desperate. Park was under pressure from a string of losses. Kelly had a mission to overcome bullpen fatigue as LG had gone to extra innings in two consecutive games.

The momentum was with Park Se-woong. Park threw just 63 pitches until the end of the sixth inning, holding the LG bats to just one hit and no walks온라인바카라.

The first and second innings ended with a triple play. In the third inning, Moon Sung-joo’s single was the only hit, but catcher Yoo Kang-nam thwarted Moon’s steal of second base. The fourth, fifth, and sixth innings were consecutive triple plays. Lotte’s centre fielder also showed great leadership, greeting the incoming batters in front of the dugout at the end of each inning.

Kelly gave up four hits by the end of the sixth inning, but they were all scattered. He was never in any real danger and retired the side in order in the sixth on 82 pitches.

The first inning was a triple play. In the second and third innings, he gave up singles to Ahn Chi-hong and Kim Min-seok. In the fourth and sixth innings, Ahn Chi-hong and Rex hit singles with two outs, but they were still far from scoring.

Lotte gave up the lead to LG. In the bottom of the seventh, Park Se-woong gave up a leadoff single to Hong Chang-ki and a walk to Kim Hyun-soo, putting runners on first and third with one out.

On Austin’s subsequent grounder to second, the Lotte infielders were a little late with the throw. Austin sprinted to first base and narrowly escaped with the save.

It was reviewed on video, but because it was the same time, the call was upheld. When the call was made, Austin roared in celebration.

However, Lotte answered right back. Lotte’s attention to detail stood out.

In the top of the eighth, leadoff hitter Yoo Kang-nam singled, bringing in pinch-hitter Hwang Sung-bin. The next batter, Kim Min-seok, laid down a clean bunt.

As he rounded second base, Hwang collided with LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan. LOTTE manager Larry Sutton immediately took to the field and called for base-running interference.

It was more of a collision than an obstruction. However, Hwang Sung-bin was about to run when he saw that third base was empty. The umpire decided that Hwang would have been safe at third base without the collision and awarded him the right to advance. This time, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop rushed out of the dugout, but the call was not changed.

Lotte tied the game at 1-1 in the bottom of the inning on a sacrifice fly by Ko Seung-min. Kelly did his part, throwing 113 pitches, including a fastball that topped out at 151 km/h, until the eighth inning. Park Se-woong also struck out the side in the eighth, finishing his eight innings with just 92 pitches.

LG brought in closer Ko Woo-seok in the top of the ninth, but he gave up a single to leadoff hitter Jeon Jun-woo. It was the first dead ball of the day for both teams. Ahn Chi-hong followed with a single to put runners on first and third.

Go struck out Lee Hak-joo, but gave up a single to left field to Park Seung-wook. It was the game-winning hit. Go struck out Hwang Sung-bin and Kim Min-seok in succession, but it was not enough.

LOTTE’s closer Kim Won-joong pitched a scoreless ninth inning to secure a valuable victory.

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