Ghanaian MF Arts, whose whereabouts are unknown, rescued after the great earthquake in Turkiye?

Ghanaian national soccer team midfielder Christian Arts is currently missing after being caught up in the earthquake in Turkiye Gaziantep.

According to the British media <Independent>, Arts, who belongs to the Turkish Super Liga club Hatayspor, reported that they were rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building after the earthquake in Turkey. However, it is said that the current situation of the rescued arts is not properly conveyed, causing confusion.

Head coach Volcan Demirel Hatayspor said, “There is no further news regarding Arts yet. If the player is in the hospital, news will be shared soon.” “His whereabouts have not been confirmed since the announcement. His family continues to spend a great deal of time at the moment. We are doing everything we can to find Art, and we will make an official announcement as soon as more information is revealed.” In addition, Szechere urged people not to discuss the life and death of Artz with fake news, as it would cause a great shock to his family. 바카라사이트

Art, who is 31 years old this year, is a player who has been on the English Premier League stage through Chelsea, Everton and Newcastle United in the past, so he is quite famous among Korean fans. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, he was selected as a key midfielder for Ghana.

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