‘Gambling addict’ Brentford FW Tony banned from football for eight months by FA

Brentford striker Ivan Toney has been suspended for eight months for his gambling addiction.

According to the BBC, Tony, who starred as Brentford’s attacking spearhead in the 2022-2023 English Premier League with 20 goals and four assists in 33 games, has been banned from soccer for eight months by the FA for a gambling problem.

According to the FA’s investigation, Tony was found to have committed a whopping 232 gambling-related violations. In addition, a psychiatric expert who examined his situation reportedly determined that he had a gambling addiction.

Initially, the FA was looking to hand him a stiff 15-month ban. This was because he had repeatedly lied during the initial face-to-face investigation. The FA believed that he knew it was against the rules and tried to hide his gambling. False reports and attempts to destroy evidence were also found. However, the punishment was mitigated by the fact that he did not attempt to fix matches in relation to soccer gambling and that he needed medical help, including a diagnosis of gambling addiction.먹튀검증

In a statement, Brentford released their official view on Tony’s suspension. “We will do everything possible to help the player and his family in the future to resolve the issues raised in this case. However, in order to protect the player and his family, we will not make any further disclosures.”

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