“From wearing spikes to pitching… ” Hanwha has this wide space? The nobleman is near

“Even wearing a spike and pitching… Bellbank

Park, located in Mesa, Arizona, USA, opened on January 7, 2022, and is considered the largest new facility in the United States as a sports-only complex. In addition to 8 baseball and softball fields, including an outdoor stadium with 5,000 seats and an indoor stadium with 2,800 seats, 35 soccer fields, 57 indoor volleyball courts, 20 indoor basketball courts and 12 beaches on a 130ha site It has facilities for both local residents and amateur sports players, such as a volleyball court, gymnastics center, dance studio, and cheer center.

A number of clubs planning an Arizona spring camp in the United States conducted negotiations with the contract in mind, but Hanwha was decided as the final contract club due to their quick response. According to Hanwha on the 5th (hereafter Korean time), it is no exaggeration to say that this result was brought about by the quick judgment of Manager Koo Hyun-joon of the operation team.

Manager Koo planned to change the camp site to a baseball field environment that was somewhat insufficient for use by a professional baseball team compared to the good climate environment at the time of Hanwha’s Arizona camp in 2020. At the time, I heard about the new facility construction in Mesa through TV, newspaper, and internet news. After searching, we found the person in charge, immediately contacted the person in charge, preoccupied the position of the first negotiator, and finished the coordination so that it could be used simultaneously with the new construction.

There was also a crisis. Overseas camps were blocked due to COVID-19, which hit the world, and the use of the stadium became unclear. Nevertheless, Manager Gu maintained a steady relationship with the person in charge of the facility, and through two preliminary visits and steady negotiations in 2022, when the prospect that an overseas camp would be possible came out, the spring camp was finally decided at the facility. has been set up

In particular, in the second field trip conducted with Director Hyuk Son (then the power reinforcement coordinator) in August of last year, Director Son personally toured all the facilities and put a lot of effort into finding and supplementing the shortcomings. It was highlighted that the field and bullpen made of artificial turf are somewhat insufficient for being used as a spring camp for a professional baseball team. The mound has been reinforced to a level that can be used by professional teams.

There was also concession and cooperation from Belbank Park in this process. Bellbank Park partially changed the principle that outside food is not brought in other than its own food and beverage outlets, allowing the players to travel to a catering company to provide Korean food. everything was solved

Above all, it allowed Hanwha players to increase their efficiency and concentration in weight training by setting a team-only usage time so that the team could use the weight training room without overlapping with other users. Coach Carlos Subero and the coaching staff and players are all satisfied. During the field trip, coach Subero said, “All facilities are configured to perfection, and most of all, I like the fact that there is a separate training space for recovery training and injury rehabilitation training.”

In addition, unlike the fielders who leave for the training ground at 8:00 am, the pitchers who start training at 9:00 am can also be seen going to the training ground with the beasts and conducting individual training to make full use of the perfect weight training facilities.

Manager Koo Hyun-joon said, “There was a lot of competition until the contract process, and there were parts that were not good enough for a professional club to use, so I was hesitant about signing the contract. We were able to reinforce it with facilities that baseball players could use.” 바카라

Goo went on to say, “I feel very rewarded when I see the coaching staff and players are satisfied with being able to train in a sports complex equipped with a variety of facilities in Arizona’s excellent climate environment. I am not alone. As we all worked hard to have a perfect camp, I don’t think there’s anything more I could wish for if all the players complete the camp and get good results.”

Of course, on holidays, in preparation for difficulties in using the Belbank Park stadium due to local residents, they contacted the Milwaukee Brewers twice and discussed using the stadium. For this reason, Hanwha will conduct training on the 5th and 11th at the Milwaukee home stadium.

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