‘Former Suwon’ Groning, unable to find a place in Korea & Denmark, transferred to the first team in Greece

Former Suwon Samsung striker Sebastian Groening (26) has built a nest in a new place.

Danish media ‘BT’ reported on the 23rd that in an article titled “AGF (Aarhus GF) is transferring Groning to OFA Crete”, Groning has signed a contract with Crete, the first team in the Greek Super League, until the summer of 2025. 메이저놀이터

The media reported that Groening’s transfer to Crete has reached the final stage, and that he will arrive in Crete on the evening of the 23rd for the final transfer process and undergo a medical test on the 24th. Crete is currently in 9th place out of 14 teams as of round 19.

Groning joined Suwon with great expectations ahead of the 2022 season, but failed to settle. He eventually returned to his native Denmark via the summer transfer window after he made 14 appearances and scored no goals.

He didn’t like the Danish life either. Out of sight of AGF coach Uwe Rössler, Groning did not return to the squad after the match against Norschelland on November 11th. He only scored 1 goal in 86 minutes (6 games) in the Danish Superliga.

Crete, a club based in a resort in Greece, is currently in 9th place out of 14 clubs as of round 19 this season.

If Groening’s transfer is successful, there is a high possibility that Olympiacos, a team belonging to Hwang In-beom and Hwang Ui-jo, will make their Crete debut. Crete will play the 20th round of the league away from Olympiacos on the 29th.

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