Foreigners reset after 4 years, is it okay? “Everyone looks like they are from MLB, look forward to it” the manager is satisfied

 The answer to which foreign player succeeds in the KBO league is different. Veterans whose careers have been verified through the major leagues fail, and players who have not been able to establish themselves even in the minor leagues make a surprise performance. It is a difficult question to find an answer to, but it is certain that ‘athletes who adapt well to Korea’ will succeed.

Foreign players who renew contracts also become mentors to help new colleagues adapt to Korean baseball. Therefore, there are cases where it is burdensome to replace three foreign players at once. Those with experience in the KBO will remain in the candidate group and watch the situation unless it is a major failure.

However, NC faced an unavoidable situation ahead of this season and had to replace all foreign players. Matt the Mody, who was brought in as a substitute foreign player, did not show his memorable strengths. Nick Martini recorded an OPS of 0.826, 15th in regulation at bats, but his slugging power was insufficient and he was excluded from the contract renewal. Drew Luczynski, who spent four years in Korea, moved to the Oakland Athletics in search of his last major league opportunity.

It is the first time since 2019 that NC has replaced all three foreign players and greeted the season. Charlie Shrek and Eric Hacker, who had been together for the first year of joining the first team, succeeded in renewing their contracts. Shrek was released during the 2015 season, but Hacker wore an NC uniform until 2017. Eric Thames, the first foreign batter in NC, dominated the KBO League from 2014 to 2016.

The transition from 2017 to 2018 was a transitional period, and even then, there was Xavier Scruggs, a foreign player with leadership. However, in 2018, Scruggs, Logan Barrett, and Wang Wei-chung, who were at the bottom of the table, all failed to renew their contracts, and change became inevitable. NC started 2019 with Luczynski, Eddie Butler and Christian Betancourt. Of these, however, only Luchinski survived. Butler and Bethancourt were released without even lasting the first half.

This year, foreign players were composed of pitchers Eric Peddy and Taylor Widener, and hitter Jason Martin. What will be the result of the second ‘foreign player reset’? Since the camp is in the beginning stage, it would be strange if he did not receive a passing grade, but first, coach Kang In-kwon saw potential in the players’ personalities. 온라인바카라

Manager Kang In-kwon, who completed two turns of the 3-day training and 1-day rest, said, “The two pitchers seem to be of different types. Regarding Martin, he cautiously said, “I’m not in 100% condition yet, but he seems to have the ability to get the ball afloat.”

In addition, I am looking forward to this season because the three foreign players seem to have great skills befitting from the major leagues.

” Even though there were two of them, they showed the potential to go up to fall baseball.,Yang Eui-ji (Doosan), a great power, has escaped, but this time, we are looking forward to the same reversal in 2019.

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