‘Finnish Bomber’ Lauri Makkanen wins first MIP in club history

Makkanen became the main character of MIP.

The NBA announced on the 25th (Korean time) that Lauri Makkanen of the Utah Jazz was selected as the MIP winner for the 2022-2023 season.

As a result of the voting, Makanen received a total of 430 points, including 69 first place votes, and won the MIP, beating second place Shai Gilgeous Alexander (289 points). Jaylen Brunson, Mikal Bridges, and Nicholas Claxton followed suit.카지노사이트

Markanen, who was included in the Donovan Mitchell trade this season and wore a Utah uniform, had the best season of his career and stood tall as the team’s leading star. After his debut, he suffered from frequent injuries, and the concerns about his growth were completely erased.

Makkanen, who has continued to grow in almost every aspect, averaged 25.6 points, 8.6 rebounds, 49.9% field goal percentage and 39.1% 3-point success rate this season. His scoring average has increased by more than 10 points compared to last season (14.8 points) in Cleveland.

Makkanen, who showed remarkable growth, was honored with the MIP, which is given to the player who showed the most noticeable improvement during the season. He is the first MIP recipient from a Utah club.

Makkanen, who has completed his regular season schedule as Utah failed to make the playoffs, is currently serving his military service in Finland. Finland is one of the countries that have a conscription system. 

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