Faster and more fun… KBO Tightens Speedup Rules

‘Faster and more fun’ The

2023 KBO League runs fast with an average game time of 3 hours and 5 minutes per game (based on regular innings).

The KBO normalized the strike zone for the 2022 season and strengthened speed-up regulations. The average time required for 720 regular season games in the 2022 season (based on 9 innings) was 3 hours and 11 minutes, 3 minutes faster than 3 hours and 14 minutes in 2021. Walks per game decreased to 6.90 from 8.38 in 2021. The KBO strengthens the speed-up regulations with the goal of presenting more fun and thrilling games to fans through faster progress in the 2023 season.

◆ Strict application

of mound visit time First of all, the manager and coach’s mound visit time is strictly applied during the game. League Rules [Speed-up of game] 3. Pitcher replacement ② (previous content omitted) ‘When visiting the mound, the manager, coach, or player moves as quickly as possible, and each visit is limited to 30 seconds (omitted). When 30 seconds have elapsed, the referee gives notice and the manager or coach must return to the dugout immediately.’ Part.

In order for the play to start immediately after 30 seconds have elapsed, it is changed to ‘Notice this at the end of 25 seconds, and the manager or coach must return to the dugout immediately’ Add ‘Do’. From the 2023 season, the manager and coach moved to the dugout at 25 seconds and the catcher completed preparation for the catch at 30 seconds, supplementing the rules so that the game could proceed faster.

[Speed-up of the game] 4. Pitcher ③ ‘If the pitcher does not pitch within 12 seconds when there is no runner, the referee will issue a warning for the first time and a fine of 200,000 won from the second time and judge it as a ball (omitted below).’ Only in the league, ‘judging by ball immediately without warning’ is added. This regulation reviews the application of the KBO league in the 2024 season after pilot operation in the Futures League in the 2023 season.

◆ Strict at-bat breakout prevention regulation and referee’s speed-up evaluation

This season, we apply stricter at-bat breakout regulation, which imposes a fine of 200,000 won upon at least one foot in the at-bat from the moment you enter the batter’s box. The referee will thoroughly check whether the batter has violated the departure rules and lead compliance with the rules, except for cases where departure is unavoidably allowed. 바카라사이트

In addition, the speed-up evaluation is conducted in the referee evaluation to ensure that the referee actively runs the game with an emphasis on speed-up. Items such as ‘Application of strict speed-up regulations’, ‘Active encouragement of speed-up’, and ‘Smooth progress and rapid contribution to the game’ are added to the referee’s evaluation.

◆ Reinforcing prohibition of friendly behavior

In addition, during cleaning time, players on standby are prohibited from having private conversations with their opponents on the ground. In addition, the access to the referee room for athletes and team executives is strictly restricted, and personal contact is prohibited. The above is a measure to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and strengthen fairness.

With this speedup enhancement, KBO has set a clear goal of shortening the average game time of regular innings in the 2023 regular season by less than 3 hours and 5 minutes. In addition, we plan to do our best to continuously shorten the game time by researching the establishment of new regulations that allow speed-up and reviewing their application. We plan to announce monthly speed-up statistics so that more league officials can pay attention to speed-up.

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