‘evil! ‘Everyone is frozen’ Female tennis ace’s dizzying injury

It was a moment that made everyone freeze. Moon Hye-gyeong (26, NH Nonghyup Bank), the representative of Korean women’s soft tennis (tennis), collapsed with a dizzying injury.

Moon Hye-kyung collapsed while grabbing her left ankle during the women’s singles quarterfinals of the ‘2023 International Soft Tennis Championships’ held at Manko Civic Stadium in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on the 10th. It was sprained while attempting to catch the sharp stroke of Japan’s divine star Nanami Namioka (Nippon Sport University).

Moon Hye-kyung, who was sitting on her coat, hardly got up. NH Nonghyup Bank Sports Team leader Jang Han-seop, head coach Yoo Young-dong, and Korea Soft Tennis Association international director Bae Bae, who were watching the game from the stands, jumped up in surprise. NH Nonghyup Bank coach Han Jae-won, her fellow players, and tournament officials ran to check on her condition, but Moon Hye-kyung shed tears and complained of her pain.

Initially, the condition of the coat was not very good due to the rain from the morning. The sand on the artificial turf was not completely wet. As she ran, she slipped and stroked and could injure herself. Eventually, the fear became a reality. Hyekyung Moon hit her backhand stroke and tried to stop it with her left foot, but she didn’t slip and tripped in the sand.

She also regretted that there was no ambulance waiting at the stadium. Moon Hye-kyung waited for an ambulance, sitting on the floor of her coat, which was full for about 20 minutes. She was carried on a stretcher to the hospital with the help of paramedics. Officials watched with sad faces.

Coach Yoo Young-dong said, “Ahead of the national team selection match, this tournament could have been a burden to the players.” Originally, the competition was scheduled to be held in 2020, and the organizers earnestly requested that NH Nonghyup Bank, a prestigious Korean female entrepreneur, participate.

It was held this year due to Corona 19, but unfortunately it became a schedule that affected the national team selection on the 26th. In addition, there was a challenge that players who had trained on hard courts for the national team selection had to adapt to the unfamiliar environment of artificial turf. Because of this, the Korean men’s business team gave up participating in the tournament, and players from Daejeon University participated. However, NH Nonghyup Bank had no choice but to participate because it had promised the organizers to participate.

Japanese officials were also surprised by Moon Hye-kyung’s injury and were at a loss for what to do with her apologetic heart. International Soft Tennis Federation International Cooperation Chairman Koga Toshihiro, who had asked NH Nonghyup Bank to participate, shed tears on the spot. 안전놀이터

But fortunately, there were no serious injuries. His condition improved on the morning of the 11th while he was diagnosed with no abnormalities in his bones at the hospital. One coach said, “There is a slight swelling, but if I return home and receive treatment, I think I will be able to compete in the national team selection event.”

Moon Hye-kyung is regarded as the Korean women’s soft tennis ace. Hyekyung Moon, who won silver medals in the team event and mixed doubles at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta-Palembang, won a gold medal in mixed doubles at the 2019 World Championships in Taizhou. She is also expected to play a key role in her national team at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.

Director Yoo said, “It’s fortunate that the peach bone was slightly swollen,” and said, “Actually, I was worried about what to do if Hye-kyung couldn’t participate in the national team selection match.” As Moon Hye-kyung withdrew from the tournament due to an injury, she was unable to win the women’s singles.

NH Nonghyup Bank will participate in the doubles event starting on the 11th, excluding Moon Hye-kyung. Of course, winning the prize is important, but finishing the tournament without injury has become even more important.

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