Even the 28-year-old legend doubted his ears… Reigniting controversy over V-League decision

“Simultaneous contact?”

On the 7th, the Gyeyang Gymnasium where the V-League men’s round 5 match between Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Korean Air was held.

During the second set game, a fierce protest erupted from the bench of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. It was the moment when the decision of ‘simultaneous contact’ came out from the game operation committee members in charge of video reading. The decision controversy that has plagued men’s volleyball all season has resurfaced.

Korean Air led 17-16. Korean Air’s Lim Dong-hyuk’s spike hit from the right side of the court hit the antenna and Samsung Fire Insurance’s Shin Shin-ho’s hand and bounced. Lim Dong-hyuk wrapped up the net and revealed his regret.

However, referee Dae-Jin Kwon did not make a decision, and requested a self-video review from the competition committee. Commissioner Jung Eui-tak, referee Kim Yeong-cheol, and assistant referee Kang Joo-hee began reviewing the video.

Commentator Choi Cheon-sik was sure that ‘the ball hit the antenna first’. The commentator explained, “The correct answer came out. A lot of the balls passed to the antenna missed. It’s certain.” It is said that Lim Dong-hyeok hit the ball that went outside, and after it was hit by the antenna, it was hit by Shin Shin-ho’s hand.

However, the video reading lasted more than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Eventually, when the result of ‘replay due to simultaneous contact’ was announced, the commentators were embarrassed, saying, “It is true that a replay is declared if it is simultaneous contact…”.

Director Kim Sang-woo jumped up, saying, “I can see the ball hitting the antenna from the side and coming in. What kind of replay is this?” Uncharacteristically, he burst out screaming. “Who do you think?”

Coach Kim, who we met after the game, expressed his upset heart, saying, “The antenna was hit first. It was a scene that did not need to be watched for that long. Samsung Fire & Marine won a reverse sweep victory with a gear nose win-loss-win-win that day, but missed the second set in question. The opposing team was leading Korean Air. It could have ended in a shutout.

Coach Kim has played 13 years as a player since his professional debut in 1995, and even after his retirement, he has been active in the volleyball field for 15 years, going through professional team, national team, university team leader and broadcasting commentator. Even after his debut, it was the first decision he had heard in his 28th year of volleyball life. 슬롯사이트

Director Kim raised his voice, saying, “The second set became difficult as the flow went over there. It’s the first time I’ve seen simultaneous contact blowing in such a situation.” The players could not hide their confusion at the judgment that it was a simultaneous contact that was not even unreadable.

Controversy over video reading has been frequent this season. Trust in referee decisions is fundamental to sports. Repeated mistakes by the referees are shaking the foundation. The damage goes to the players and fans.

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