Even if the salary is delayed, even if the future is uncertain… a solid carrot victory

For the first time since the news of the sale of Carrot, a professional basketball player in Goyang, became known, Carrot’s team participated in a game.

Even in the turbulent situation of delayed salary payments, the players silently did their best in the hope that an acquiring company would appear.

Reporter Heo Jae-won reports.

Goyang Carrot players lightly warm up before the game and adjust their shooting skills.

It is no different from usual when preparing for a game by exchanging light jokes with opponents.

However, Carrot players recently received news through the media that the club is pursuing a sale. 메이저사이트

Anxiety is growing as abnormal operations, such as delayed payment of salaries, are repeated.

[Jeon Seong-hyeon / Goyang Carrot Forward: It would be a lie if I said I didn’t pay attention. I think I’m shrinking, I guess. All we can do is do our best on the basketball court… .]

[Kim Seung-gi / Head coach Goyang Carrot: It’s a difficult situation in many ways, but I think good things will happen if the team devotes everything to the game.] As the parent company went into court receivership, Day 1 Sports’ basketball team operation was suspended

. When it became difficult, I went out to find an acquisition company, but the reality is not easy.

There is a possibility that the whole professional basketball league will be crippled, but the professional basketball league KBL is not taking any measures.

Even in such a difficult situation, Carrot players did not waver and consistently pushed KT, winning by 16 points.

Carrot maintained his 5th position, 3 races ahead in 6th place, increasing his chances of reaching the playoffs in the round of 6.

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