“Even if I expect to win the WS, I can’t guarantee it.” Manager Roberts’ inner struggles

Could it be that the wounds of failing to advance to the World Series last year were deep? Dave Roberts, manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, did not ‘assert’ a championship.

According to ‘Dodgers Nation’ on the 9th (Korean time), manager Roberts said at the fanfest held at Dodger Stadium on the 5th, “Our goal every year is to win in the National League West. The pressure is high, the expectations are high, but we will win the Division Series and go on to win more.”

Manager Roberts was then asked if he was sure of winning the World Series. “I’m not going to (assert a win) this year. I’m not going to say that again. But I’m still looking forward to the World Series. And nobody in our organization will think otherwise.”

According to ‘Dodgers Nation’, the reason manager Roberts decided not to mention the championship was because of what he said on a radio show last year. Manager Roberts was asked to come up with a sentence that ended with “The Dodgers will win the World Series” on Dan Patrick’s radio show on ‘FOX Sports’.

Manager Roberts replied, “We have a good starting pitching staff. If they’re healthy, we’ll win the World Series.” This answer was seen as Roberts’ confidence and the Dodgers’ confidence in winning. 슬롯사이트

However, for the Dodgers, Walker Buehler underwent elbow ligament surgery and Tony Gonsolin suffered from a forearm injury. Clayton Kershaw skipped the starting rotation 10 times and Andrew Heaney was placed on the injured list (IL) three times. Dustin May returned from rehab, but dropped out with a back injury. The only healthy starters throughout the season were Julio Urias and Tyler Anderson.

Nevertheless, the Dodgers won 111 wins, the most in a single season in club history, and won the National League West championship with the highest win rate in the major leagues. However, the Dodgers failed to even advance to the Championship Series after a shocking loss to the San Diego Padres in the National League Division Series.

The above media said, “There is nothing wrong with a manager instilling confidence in his team even exaggeratedly on the radio. It wasn’t bad that he didn’t guarantee a win this year. Anyway, the Dodgers expect everyone to win.”

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