Eric Hosmer, who was receiving a salary from San Diego… Cubs are gone

Eric Hosmer, first baseman for the Chicago Cubs of the Major League Baseball (MLB), has been assigned a DFA.

The Chicago Cubs announced today (20th) that Hosmer, who was in a slump, was treated with DFA.

As a result, Hosmer was immediately removed from the Major League 40-man roster, and he will wait for the next seven days to see if he can be called up by another club. If there is no recruitment move by the other team, he is either released or moved down to the minor leagues.

Hosmer was put on the waiting list after showing a batting average of 0.234, OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.610, and wRC+ (adjusted run production capacity) of 67 in 100 at-bats in 31 games this season. Hosmer wore the Cubs uniform with the Cubs’ minimum annual salary ($720,000) in January this year, but failed to rebound and went through the process of parting ways with the club.

But Hosmer doesn’t have to worry about money. That’s thanks to the fact that last February of 2018 he signed an eight-year, $144 million mega contract with the San Diego Padres. Because of this, Hosmer could get about $12 million from San Diego every year until his contract ends in 2025.

Hosmer, who was the main player in Kansas City Royals’ championship, did not perform properly except for 2020, a shortened season after wearing a San Diego uniform as a free agent.먹튀검증

In the end, San Diego traded Hosmer to the Boston Red Sox in August of last year on the condition that he pay all of Hosmer’s remaining annual salary of $38 million. However, Hosmer was released because there was no rebound in Boston, and the Cubs paid only the minimum salary and gave up again.

Whether Hosmer will get a call up to another team is unknown. However, it is an analysis that the performance is not urgent, but an offer may be received from a rebuilding team where the first baseman is missing due to injury. This is because you can use only the minimum salary contracted with the Cubs.

Hosmer, meanwhile, is the seventh-highest earner in San Diego, a city full of high-income earners.

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