Dreaming of the day I step on the Jamsil Ground… The mission given to the LG Futures team “Challenge boldly”

“I gave the players a task called ‘Challenge’.”

The LG Twins, led by coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, are currently preparing for the 2023 season in Arizona, USA, sweating heavily. Key players such as Oh Ji-hwan, Kim Hyeon-soo, Ko Woo-seok, Jung Woo-yeong, and Park Hae-min, as well as rookies Park Myeong-geun, Kang Hyo-jong, Lee Ji-gang, and Cho Won-tae, who are called the future of LG, were also selected.

It’s not just the first-team players who shed a lot of sweat. At Icheon LG Champions Park, you can hear the sweat of the Futures players who will lead the future of LG. Most of them are younger players, but injuries could be the reason, and there are some players who did not join the first team camp because they did not yet have a sense of power in the first team.

But these players are not giving up. It may be one day for some, and it may be again for others. In any case, the dream of the players of the Futures team is to go to the first team and step on the Jamsil ground. Waiting for that day, I am working hard on training today.

He is the owner of one of the best batting theories and is growing under the guidance of LG Futures coach Hwang Byung-il, who is respected by players and coaches for his mild personality.

Coach Hwang Byeong-il took over as LG Futures coach from 2019 to September 2021, and then took on the position of senior and hitting coach in the LG 1st team, before taking charge of the LG Futures team again in the 2023 season. Not only at LG, but also at KT Wiz and Doosan Bears, he has coached the second team, so it is not an unfamiliar position.

Coach Hwang Byeong-il, who spoke with MK Sports at Icheon LG Champions Park on the 3rd, said, “When we met on February 1st, I delivered a message to the players. He told me not to try to just move on if there was something I couldn’t master and didn’t understand. He made sure to learn it, and if there was something he didn’t understand, he told me to come to my room anytime.”

Coach Hwang continued, “This year, I hope the players will be a little bolder, more active, and have a challenging spirit. The players here should go to Jamsil after gaining experience through skill improvement and second-team games. If you want new changes, if you work to promote innovation, I will gladly give strength to the players.”

The captain is infielder Kim Joo-sung. Following last year, he wore the armband of the future team captain this year as well. “The coaches said that Juseong did well over the past year. He said that it would be better to do it one more time, and the coaches made recommendations. He praised him as a player who is thinking exactly what he should do, what he should do and why.”

This applies to all sports players. In the end, the only way to grow and improve your skills is through training.

Director Hwang Byeong-il said, “All answers must be found in training. He says that the part he emphasizes to the players in the second team is to find the correct answer in training. If you miss this important time, you will eventually be weeded out. Athletes have to challenge themselves, and they must not miss the timing. In that respect, I and the coaches are constantly talking with the players.” 메이저놀이터

The more you train, the more you will eventually become a skill. Athletes who have steadily improved their training are less likely to make mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes, your chances of losing the game are less.

Coach Hwang said, “In baseball, the team that makes fewer mistakes wins. Our Futures players lack a lot. We need to find the lack in the basics and the amount of training,” he said.

“From my father’s point of view, there is no finger that doesn’t hurt. Head coach Hwang Byeong-il said, “I hope to grow up and become a first-team player.” What is the focus of this training?

Coach Hwang Byung-il said, “I gave the players a challenge. I hope that boldly, actively, wriggling changes will take place in the minds of the players. Our players are just getting started. Team 2 players need to improve their individual skills. You can go to Jamsil only when that part is prioritized. We will continue to emphasize it.”

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