Don’t dismiss 0 wins…KIA 30-year-old submariner’s transformation clears Jang Hyun-sik, Jung Hae-young

Don’t dismiss 0 wins.

“Right now, Choi Ji-min and Lim Ki-young are the pitchers who are going to pitch in the most important situations,” KIA manager Kim Jong-kook said before the game against Doosan in Jamsil on Tuesday. After Kim Ki-hoon, Jeon Sang-hyun, and Kim Dae-yu were sent down to the second team due to poor performance, Choi Ji-min and Lim Ki-young are in charge of the seventh through ninth innings. Jang Hyun-sik shares their duties.

The transformation of second-year player Choi Ji-min has been highlighted on numerous occasions, but Im Ki-young’s efforts have been relatively unnoticed. After joining the team in a trade from Hanwha, he was a consistent starter, but this year he transformed himself into a bullpen pitcher and took on one of the most important roles in the team. In terms of team contributions, he’s not far behind any other season.

Lim started the season in the bullpen, eventually giving way to rookie Yoon Young-chul for five starts. At first, he was a long-relief pitcher who would go three or four innings if the starters collapsed early. However, when the existing succession duo, led by closer Jung Hae-young, became stretched thin, he was promoted to a set-up man.

After pitching three innings against the Busan Lotte on April 4, he has been used as a setup man instead of a long reliever in the last three games. He has a 1.17 ERA in his last 10 games and a 2.84 ERA with one save and six holds in 22 games this season. He has good command and is good at inducing hits. He throws fewer pitches per inning, so he doesn’t suffer from fatigue.

It’s not uncommon for pitchers who prepare for the season as starters to make the transition to set-up men during the season. A pitcher who entered the league in 2012 and is in his 11th year shouldn”t have a hard time making this transition. However, switching between long relief and setup man is another story. With little experience in a professional bullpen, it’s not easy for Lim to manage his conditioning. However, his performance is actually better than when he was a starter.

Manager Kim Jong-kook said, “Ki-young is the best in the bullpen right now. His pitches are good and he has a lot of experience. He throws fewer pitches per inning, so he is stable. He can also pitch multiple innings because he has experience as a starter.” At this point, Choi Ji-min is often called upon to pitch the ninth inning of close games. However, if Choi Ji-min is struggling, Im Ki-young is the plan B. He can also fulfill his original role as a long reliever.

He’s not a fastball pitcher. His pitches are more varied than in the past when he relied on his fastball and changeup, and he doesn’t have the best command, but he’s comfortable enough to pitch short innings. Most importantly, he doesn’t have the pressure of a mainstream setup man. The way he pitches this season, it’s like he’s been a setup man for years.토토사이트

Choi Ji-min and Lim Ki-young’s roles were supposed to be filled by Jung Hae-young and Jang Hyun-sik. Furthermore, Kim Jong-kook might have envisioned a scenario in which left-hander Kim Ki-hoon and right-hander Jeon Sang-hyun would help out. However, baseball is unpredictable, and Im Ki-young saved Kim’s worries with a performance that exceeded expectations. At the age of 30, Im Ki-young has started a new chapter in his baseball career.

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