‘Do you agree to return to Greenwood?’ In response to the question, fans pros and cons ‘ultra thin ice’

Public opinion toward Mason Greenwood is divided in half.

Greenwood was once a promising prospect for Manchester United. Even at the young age of 2001, he leaped to the starting lineup in the 2019-20 season, and was expected by Manchester United fans with both his scoring ability and potential. 스포츠토토,

But he fell into abyss in an instant. On January 30, 2022 (hereinafter Korean time), Harriet Robson, Greenwood’s ex-girlfriend, posted her evidence photos and recording files on her social media account, revealing that Greenwood tried to molest her by force.

The incident led to Greenwood’s immediate arrest in a police raid on his home. He was charged with raping and assaulting Robson, appeared at trial last November, and was due to be summoned again in November this year.

However, the British Attorney’s Office announced on the 3rd that it would drop all charges against Greenwood. A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office said: “As a result of a combination of key evidence and new evidence in the Greenwood case, we have determined that there is no longer a realistic prospect of conviction. Under these circumstances, we have a duty to drop the case.”

It is said that Greenwood’s rape and assault has been ongoing since November 2018. In response, victim Robson released her own evidence of harm in January 2022. After obtaining evidence, the police immediately arrested Greenwood, and he was detained for three days. Greenwood was then removed from the Manchester United squad and his sponsors immediately stopped supporting him altogether.

In any case, Greenwood, who has been acquitted of the charges, has plans to return to his club Manchester United. United have yet to make a final decision on whether to accept Greenwood, but plans to improve his fitness during pre-season through rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, opinions of Manchester United fans are split in half on Greenwood’s return. On the Manchester United fan account, ‘The United Stand’, a poll was posted asking “Should Greenwood return to Manchester United?” Although this index cannot represent the opinions of all fans, at least the public opinion online is quite tense.

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