Director Cho Seong-hwan told fans… “I admit my mistakes and failures”

Incheon United manager Cho Seong-hwan posted an apology to fans. 

Incheon drew 0-0 in the 13th round home game of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 with Jeonbuk Hyundai held at the Incheon Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 14th. Incheon got out of the swamp of 2 consecutive losses and picked up the atmosphere. 

After the game, coach Cho Seong-hwan said, “I think it is positive that the players finished the game without a goal. It is good to prevent the conceding situation with fighting spirit,” he said, “I did not go all the way to the finish because of the lack of detail in the chance.” 

Incheon expected to rise to the top this season. This is because they finished the season in 4th place last year and reinforced the squad with Shin Jin-ho and Jerso. However, the current position of Incheon is 10th. The voices pointing out the replacement technique and tactics of coach Cho Seong-hwan are not small. 

Director Cho Seong-hwan opened his mouth saying that he has a message to convey to the fans. He said, “I’m sorry to the fans for not bringing results. He said that he was preparing well until this game, but he must have been very disappointed because the results and content did not follow. I admit that there were mistakes and failures of the manager, such as the current position and content, replacement timing, tactics, and strategy.” want. If you come to the stadium today and support me, I will do my best to repay you.” 

Coach Cho Seong-hwan, who used two central midfielders, brought out the midfield that led to Shin Jin-ho, Moon Ji-hwan, and Lee Myung-joo. Coach Cho said, “I went to the three middle to double the number in the midfield fight with the opponent. I don’t think the contents of the game or possession of the ball were bad for the first game. He emphasized, “I will make up for the lacking parts and prepare to show good performance while continuing to take the main and secondary options.” 메이저놀이터

He created several chances, but the finish was disappointing. The absence of a striker is cited as the cause of the sluggish performance. Director Cho Seong-hwan said, “(Regarding recruitment), I often communicate with the Power Reinforcement Office. In order to resolve (difficulties), the power reinforcement room and scouts are looking outside. In many ways, the situation has to be right.” 

Next, director Cho Seong-hwan said, “Kim Bo-seop dug into the back space and Hernandez came out as a combination to own and connect. I was disappointed with the detail of the finish at the end.” 

The positive thing is that the bodies of the players who entered as substitutes were light. Director Cho Seong-hwan said, “I feel regretful if Zerso even finished it. Players who usually go out as substitutes are mentally difficult to manage, but I think I can rotate them on a tight schedule because I manage them well.”

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